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A New 52 Cyborg Ongoing. The Who's and The What's.

This list will include a rogues gallery, places, concepts and a supporting cast. As well as my dream creative team.

List items

  • If you think about it. Cy was written really well in his Teen Titans run, so I think he can handle writing Cyborg in his own title.

  • When it comes to drawing tech and tech characters. It should be detailed, he's capable of this. Just read Cyber Force.

  • The Main Man. (Sorry Lobo)

  • Supporting Cast- Cyborg's Father. Scientist of the Red Room at STAR Labs. He can assist Vic with upgrades and modifications. We'll also see the relationship between Vic and Silas develop.

  • Supporting Cast- Works with Silas in the Red Room as well. Potential love interest for Vic.

  • Supporting Cast- He had a hand in creating Cyborg.

  • Supporting Cast- Him and Cy can maybe form a friendship. Snapper will show him that his "curse" is actually a gift.

  • Batman has Gotham, Supes has Metropolis, Cyborg has Detroit.

  • STAR Labs will obviously be the main focus in a Cyborg solo.

  • The Red Room is home to the most advanced technology ever.

  • Doctor Polaris would be a good addition to Cyborg's Rogues Gallery for obvious reasons.

  • Cyborg's Joker, his Captain Cold.