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x-men 4 and 5

so was on slashfilm to day and this garbed my eye.  

 There are a few little X-Men tidbits making the rounds today, thanks to a new issue ofEmpire that features X-Men: First Class on the cover and comments from producer Lauren Shuler-Donner within. Check out the cover shots below — they have some images that might look a bit familiar — and read comments from Lauren Shuler-Donner about new developments in the X-Men film world, including how we might see two parallel series over the next few years.

Most of the  X - feature isn’t online yet, but via Movieweb comes the comment about the fourth X-Men film that “We took the treatment to Fox and they love it… And X-Men 4leads into X-Men 5.”

We knew that a fourth film was in the early stages of development, and that it would continue what was left hanging in X-Men: The Last Stand. Though by the time the fourth film gets rolling, will we see a mostly new cast in the roles established in the three current X-Men films? No word there. Meanwhile, Movieweb reports (with no quote) that First Class is intended to kick off a second parallel series. We’ve seen some implications to that effect in the past, but haven’t known how First Class might lead into new X-Men films.

now im a big x-men fan i love em but the 3rd movie and even the second left me wanting. the second cyclops was hardly in it and was in no way the leader he was in the first and in the third i freaked out when he got killed. then pro x was killed off to kill it even more. id like to see more but i don't want them to kill it again, think jean needs to come back with c/x (its not x-men with out her coming back from death) also id like to see gambit in the movies as well.