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captain america movies death

so its said Sebastian Stan had a big deal with marvel for a number or movies (9) and as of late chris has 3 movies left after A2.

so im guessing stan will get a winter movie or two, hes set to be in captain america 3

so this leaves the question what will happen to captain america?

my thinking is steve (chris) will die in A3 im hoping and guessing it will be a civil war movie by this time marvel would have brought more heros to life and on both small screen and big with heros including ant-man, black panther, daredevil, doc strange but seeing as fox has the rights to x-men,FF, and spider man, marvel would have to work out a deal of some sorts to inclued mr fantastic.

stan has been in 2 movies captain america 3 would make 3 out of 9, he may make 1 winter movie and would pick up the shiled for maybe 3 solo and 2 avengers movies after making a couple winter movies rounding out his contract

what do you think?