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captain america movies death

so its said Sebastian Stan had a big deal with marvel for a number or movies (9) and as of late chris has 3 movies left after A2.

so im guessing stan will get a winter movie or two, hes set to be in captain america 3

so this leaves the question what will happen to captain america?

my thinking is steve (chris) will die in A3 im hoping and guessing it will be a civil war movie by this time marvel would have brought more heros to life and on both small screen and big with heros including ant-man, black panther, daredevil, doc strange but seeing as fox has the rights to x-men,FF, and spider man, marvel would have to work out a deal of some sorts to inclued mr fantastic.

stan has been in 2 movies captain america 3 would make 3 out of 9, he may make 1 winter movie and would pick up the shiled for maybe 3 solo and 2 avengers movies after making a couple winter movies rounding out his contract

what do you think?


comic book deaths

me and my cousin were talking about deaths in comics today they are more or less meaningless but some do have impact i myself was upset t see the blue elf nightcrawler kick the bucket (until recent times)

we were talking about who was the first comic book hero to die as far as i know its captain marvel....

the ost to die i think is jean grey....

my question is who was the first to die, who has been dead the longest,who has died the most, whe has died and stayed dead the longest?


new marvel tv show ideas

so theres been talk of a new hulk tv show for a while and two others are in the works i cant remember, but it got me thinking that we have already seen a hulk tv show and id like to see others done to fit with the marvel movies.

one that comes to mind is young avengers but that might have to be set in a future time

another is and x-me themed tv show maybe x-factor or x-force

an normal idea would be to have a show based on shiled but after seeing the avengers thats going to be hard to pull of now but if all things come togeather it would be a grate way to expand the MCU eg having superheros on the tv show before they get there own tv show or movie

what do you guys think though if you could have any marvel comic on the tv right now what one would you want to see?


spider-man movie rights?

alright so i know this may be a stupid question but im not really sure on this one i know that there were going to be six spider-man movies made when the first one  came out and then the 4th was scrapped for a reboot but does marvel have the movie rights to spider-man back yet or what i've seen the MARVEL STUDIOS logo on the 
Amazing Spider man movie teaser images and all that. and movies with that logo are in the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" unlike blade and i think the x-men movies well the first ones anyway.  
soooo yeah does marvel have it back  
if they dont i guess after all these movies are done can we expect another reboot of the spider-man movies then dont really know how i feel about that if it were to happen

Any Good Batman Statues

so ive been looking for a batman statue but i cant really seem to find one i like. the black and white ones are cool but id dont really one like that. then looking for a superman one i want to try and find one that could stand next to batman and look good. but again i cant really find one i like. i have mostly marvel statues but want a batman and a superman statue. anyone know of any good ones or have any ideas that would make a good statue. eg a Red Robin one would be cool i think :)
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x-men 4 and 5

so was on slashfilm to day and this garbed my eye.  

 There are a few little X-Men tidbits making the rounds today, thanks to a new issue ofEmpire that features X-Men: First Class on the cover and comments from producer Lauren Shuler-Donner within. Check out the cover shots below — they have some images that might look a bit familiar — and read comments from Lauren Shuler-Donner about new developments in the X-Men film world, including how we might see two parallel series over the next few years.

Most of the  X - feature isn’t online yet, but via Movieweb comes the comment about the fourth X-Men film that “We took the treatment to Fox and they love it… And X-Men 4leads into X-Men 5.”

We knew that a fourth film was in the early stages of development, and that it would continue what was left hanging in X-Men: The Last Stand. Though by the time the fourth film gets rolling, will we see a mostly new cast in the roles established in the three current X-Men films? No word there. Meanwhile, Movieweb reports (with no quote) that First Class is intended to kick off a second parallel series. We’ve seen some implications to that effect in the past, but haven’t known how First Class might lead into new X-Men films.

now im a big x-men fan i love em but the 3rd movie and even the second left me wanting. the second cyclops was hardly in it and was in no way the leader he was in the first and in the third i freaked out when he got killed. then pro x was killed off to kill it even more. id like to see more but i don't want them to kill it again, think jean needs to come back with c/x (its not x-men with out her coming back from death) also id like to see gambit in the movies as well. 


wolverine smoking

now i was reading old comics few days back and seeing wolverine smoking and then looking at him now i cant remember the last time i have seen him smoke i mean i drinks but dosnt light one up anymore i know even old statues of  show him smoking. why dont we get to see him smoking anymore its not like he can die from it lol.  

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