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Batman: Joker's Daughter (One-Shot) Review 0

Marguerite Bennett has proven to be a very talented new writer, having done a terrific job of both the Batgirl Zero Year tie-in and Batman Annual #2. Bennett's storytelling was probably the best part of this issue, with the monologue from Joker's Daughter adding a lot of depth to the story. Bennett also showed how unlike fellow Joker worshiper Harley Quinn, this girl is much more disturbed, having a very mixed up sense of purpose. Added to this the brilliant pacing and intense character interact...

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Forever Evil #5 Review 0

Geoff Johns has really started to give some great developments over the last couple of issues, and the series is definitely starting to show promise for further progression. What I loved most about Johns' writing in this particular issue was how he handled the interaction between Lex Luthor and Batman, with the attempted coexistence being extremely entertaining. There is also some amazing action and suspenseful build-up throughout, all of which adds to the overall quality. Added to that the defi...

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Wolverine #1 Review 0

Paul Cornell continues to makes changes to Wolverine, and in the process creates a very intriguing storyline. In saying that there is still a lot of similarities between the two series, as despite all the promise and speculation it was still slightly slow at times. Cornell did however add a lot of intensity to certain sequence, and added with the mysterious storyline this gives a big advantage to the series. The thing that interested me the most about this issue was the change in Wolverine's att...

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Black Widow #3 Review 2

Nathan Edmondson continues to give a terrific espionage story, which is something that a Black Widow centred series needs. Edmondson also continues to develop Widow as a character, as although she's been around for a long time, we're still learning new things about this deadly spy, with this series showing a more questionable side to her. This adds a lot to the depth and tone, and at the end of the day her key characteristics are shown perfectly, which is what really counts. The most intriguing ...

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The Punisher #1 Review 0

Nathan Edmondson gives us a story that is very suited for the Punisher, with it also being very new reader friendly to non-Punisher fans. Edmondson showed the difference between Punisher and the rest of the Marvel Universe perfectly, and I especially enjoyed the line, " because everyone isn't afraid of the Avengers." as it revealing that the people of L.A. are more afraid of the Punisher than they are of actual superheroes. The issue was however not quite perfect, as despite setting the perfect ...

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Artifacts #34 Review 0

Eugene Ward does a terrific job of creating an exciting and symbolic one-shot issue. It does however suffer the same fate as the last issue, with the story being simply too short. This is the main reason for the slight mark down in rating, as despite Ward showing great talent and skill the briefness takes away from the overall experience. Ward does however give us a lot of suspense throughout this issue, with it being obvious that he has a understanding of both discipline and Ian Nottingham. I a...

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Aphrodite IX #8 Review 0

Matt Hawkins continued to do a great job with this issue, generating some intriguing development for the current story, whilst also building up more mystery at the same time. What I loved most from the issue was the way that Hawkins built the suspense, as with Aphrodite entering Speros there was always going to be some sort of conflict. Hawkins also continued to build the characteristics perfectly, having Marcus yet again make a background appearance, as well as teasing more about a new characte...

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Invincible: Three's Company Review 0

Robert Kirkman continues to make Invincible a extremely fun comic, as despite having it's extreme moments at it's core it's pure fun. In this volume Kirkman allows the characters to grow, as with Mark's mother re-gaining some purpose in life along with Mark and Amber's vacation allows everyone to have some fun. Or so you'd think. This doesn't become the case, as without going into too much detail, the re-emergence of Armstrong Levy causes a lot of problems for Mark. They are however very dramati...

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Invincible: A Different World Review 0

Robert Kirkman puts the series into overdrive with this volume, with it being suspenseful, exciting, dramatic and anything else that makes comics exciting. It is however the dramatic and emotional side of the volume that has the most impact, with the interaction between Mark and his father being simply outstanding. There's also some astonishing action, that adds a lot of liveliness to the series, creating some terrific build-up for the series' future. On top of this there's a new character intro...

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Think Tank Volume 2 Review 0

Matt Hawkins continues from where Volume 1 left off brilliantly (actually re-printing the last issue of it as well) showing David's reaction to Mirra's betrayal brilliantly. What I loved most was how Hawkins showed the psychological affect that this had on David, showing that despite his denial he's very heartbroken over the recent events. Hawkins also develops an very interesting new plan for David, moving from pure escape to something much more dramatic. The volume was however not quite as goo...

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Invincible: The Facts of Life Review 0

Robert Kirkman finally decided to let Mark share his biggest secret with his girlfriend in this volume, and he handles it in a brilliant way. Now it was inevitable that she'd finally find out (unless she obviously died first), but the suspense along with there even being another appearance of Allen the Alien due to it. On top of this Kirkman also brought back the Reanimen for further development, also having Armstrong Levy's plan add some excitement to the latter half of the volume. Despite this...

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Haunt Volume 1 Review 0

Although co-created by both Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane it's only Kirkman that writes the scripts for this volume. Kirkman does a terrific job of introducing all the key characters in this volume, as well as giving some exciting events as well. It is however the way that Kirkman puts the concept across in this volume that interests me the most, as despite one of them being a ghost the history between them adds a lot to their characteristics. Kirkman also shows the development of Haunt as a...

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Invincible: Head of the Class Review 0

Robert Kirkman does a great job of getting the series back on track, as well as showing the emotional toll that the events of the last issue had on the characters. Despite Mark's reaction to his fathers actions, it was the affect that the events had on his mother that had more depth, with her depression giving a realistic tone to this usually fun series. Kirkman does however continue to add fun, with Mark almost marrying a an Atlantian, visiting Mars, taking on a crime boss whilst also finding t...

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Chew: Taster's Choice Review 0

John Layman creates a series that is nothing but pure entertainment. It is however the way that Layman structures this entertainment with the brilliant plot and fantastic dialogue and narration that makes this such a wonderful read. Added to that the fabulous characters that Layman has created within this story and you couldn't ask for much more. Layman doesn't however stop here, as the fantastic mystery element along with the extraordinary action give the kind of excitement that propels a great...

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Black Widow #2 Review 0

Nathan Edmondson takes the Black Widow to Shanghai in this issue, with her doing business with someone she already knows, making three mistakes along the way. Now I said that this issue wasn't quite as good as the first, but still Edmondson managed to show the espionage throughout this issue perfectly, whilst also projecting Widow's thoughts and emotions brilliantly as well. It is however ever so slightly too fast paced in my opinion, and although this doesn't hurt the issue much, it does slight...

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Think Tank Volume 1 Review 0

Matt Hawkins' goal with this series has been to make science fun, and he has definitely achieved that. Hawkins utilises science in a subtle yet genius way, as he focuses on the main plot and character development the most, whilst adding some cool science facts and inventions in a way that improves the plot. Hawkins also gives a realistic and energetic tone to this story, having David showing an emotional side whilst also finding the time to be mischievous. On top of this the side cast also adds ...

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Saga Volume 2 Review 0

Brian K. Vaughan continues to give a truly breathtaking experience with this volume, giving some wonderful developments for out main characters, whilst also having some interesting sub plots for the accompanying cast. Vaughan also creates some intriguing and entertaining interactions throughout this volume, with the inclusion of Marko's parents adding a lot of tension and intensity to the story. The narration also continues to impress, with it once again giving a very unique and deep tone to the...

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Saga Volume 1 Review 0

Brian K. Vaughan creates something magical here, introducing the main characters in a very unique way. Vaughan also adds a lot of depth to the series through the unique narration, with the story being told by the couples child in a memoir fashion. I personally however was most interested at how much trouble this forbidden love has caused, with the main characters and their child having to go on the run in perilous conditions. Added to this the intense development points along with the uniqueness...

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Hellboy: The Midnight Circus Review 0

Mike Mignola as usual does a great job of adding mystery and suspense to his Hellboy stories. I personally however wasn't as happy with this story as I hoped I would be, as despite it being very fun and having some brilliant developments, it just felt too quick paced, having a rather brief time span. In saying that Mignola does utilise the circus setting perfectly, allowing the young Hellboy to have some fun. It was however the supernatural twist to the circus that interested me the most, with H...

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Morning Glories: P.E. Review 0

Nick Spencer yet again does a fantastic job of adding mystery to this series, by making you ask new questions, and changing the overall tempo of the series slightly. Spencer also yet again goes deeper into the characters personalities, creating some brilliant new developments. Spencer also creates a terrific overall plot to the volume, making it feel self contained at the same time, thus making it new reader friendly. Added to that the way that he continues to tie all the sub plots together alon...

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All-New Invaders #1 Review 1

James Robinson is probably best known for his work at DC Comics, having recently finished his run on Earth 2. He has however started writing for Marvel again, with this along with the upcoming Fantastic Four relaunch being the first two titles he's working on. As for this issue Robinson did a terrific job of setting up this storyline, introducing the Kree as the main threat perfectly. I also loved how it focused mainly on Jim Hammond (the original Human Torch) as although it would have been nice...

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Cyber Force #8 Review 0

I do however doubt that this series would be as good as it is if it wasn’t for original series creator Marc Silvestri working as writer of the series, as despite being best known for his phenomenal artwork he is also a fantastic writer. As for this issue itself Silvestri managed to give us both excitement and drama, with there being both great character interaction as well as some outstanding action. Silvesti also added some emotional moments throughout the issue, showing the difference in...

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Witchblade #172 Review 0

Ron Marz has within this issue taken a major development level, forwarding the current story into the next stage. The mixture of the current and the past continues to be very well balanced, with the exciting action being an appealing bonus. It was also nice to see the addition of Tom Judge, a character that Marz is no stranger to, with his appearance making the flashbacks even more interesting. On top of this Marz also once again gave a terrific cliffhanger finish to the issue, keeping me grippe...

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Witchblade #171 Review 0

Story wise however this issue wasn’t quite as good as the last, as although it was still a brilliant issue with plenty of drama and suspense, it wasn’t quite as exciting as the last issue, feeling more of a set-up for things to come. Ron Marz did however do a great job of continuing to show how Sarah got rid of the Witchblade, with the interaction between her and Magdalena being much more interesting in this issue. Besides that Marz would do a great job of showing the reaction to Sar...

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Harley Quinn #2 Review 0

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti did however up their game with this issue, as although the subject matter itself wasn't overly interesting, the fun and energetic nature of the issue made it amazing. Conner and Palmiotti also showed Harley's nature perfectly, showing that despite her playful attitude that she does have emotions and feelings towards certain living creatures. The addition of Poison Ivy was also much appreciated, as despite it not being overall necessary for the story, it was nice...

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The Walking Dead #120 Review 0

Robert Kirkman did however give us some really exciting moments throughout this issue, with the continuation from last issues cliffhanger being nothing short of epic. The way that Kirkman showed the frantic nature of Rick's group along with the sadistic joy of Negan was simply wonderful, with there being some brilliant dialogue as well. Despite the action and excitement Kirkman also managed to add a lot of drama and suspense to this issue, giving a dynamic tone to the issue. The cliffhanger on t...

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Origin II #2 Review 0

Keiron Gillen did however not quite follow up on that with this issue, as despite producing some decent plot developments, it felt more like a filler issue, meant purely to set up future events. On the other hand Gillen did do a terrific job of introducing both Sabretooth and Mr. Sinister to the series, as although it had already been announced that they'd feature in this series, it was nice to see them début. Overall however I didn't feel that Wolverine was featured enough in this issue ...

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Batman #27 Review 0

Scott Snyder once again produces a very good script in this issue, as although I still feel like it's taking up time prior to Batman's big encounter with the Riddler, it's still very dramatic. Snyder also manages to time everything well, as it wouldn't have been easy to follow up from the epic action sequence at the start of the issue, but he managed to do it in a way that was both intriguing without the pace changing too dramatically. On top of this Snyder also did a great job of showing more o...

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Deadly Class #1 Review 9

Remender takes a very serious story about a kid who's homeless for the better part of a year, and turns it into a story featuring a school training kids to become assassins. Now you'd think that the later part would be the best part of the issue, and although this may be the case for the series future, it was the realistic nature of Marcus' time on the streets that interested me the most, with Remender making Marcus a very likeable and relatable character. Remender also added a lot of excitement...

8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

Morning Glories: All Will Be Free Review 4

Nick Spencer does a great job of developing the backstories of the Glories, adding yet more mystery at the same time. I also really enjoyed the addition of the character Abraham, finding the connection he has with the Glories to be very intriguing. On top of this it was also nice to finally get an explanation to the two Jun's we saw at the end of issue two, with this particular development being very dramatic and gripping to read. The only minor thing that bugged me from time to time was the tim...

9 out of 9 found this review helpful.

East of West: The Promise Review 3

Jonathan Hickman does a terrific job of combining a futuristic tale with the western genre. I personally have enjoyed the mixture of sci-fi and westerns in comics, being a huge fan of Cowboys and Aliens. This series from Hickman however makes that along with anything else attempting to do similar look average. Hickman doesn't just create a terrific story, but he also adds in legendary characters like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, making minor changes to make this version of them unique. O...

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Avengers World #1 Review 4

Hickman and Spencer did a great job of introducing us to the new series, which has a very interesting concept behind it. I did however feel that they tried to do a little too much too soon in this issue, as despite the argument that it’s necessary, the amount of different side plots could have been diluted down a bit. Or started over two issues instead of one. Hickman and Spencer did however give us a lot of suspense in this issue, with the mysterious nature behind the threat being extremely int...

7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

The Walking Dead #119 Review 0

Robert Kirkman does a great job of bringing the characters home in this issue, also showing the shock of some of the news they learn perfectly. There was however some developments that although shocking could have been prolonged slightly, with there being some questions left unanswered. In saying this Kirkman could very well be planning to answer these questions in a later issue, wanting to drive on the story with some shock and excitement. On top of this Kirkman also once again leaves us with a...

5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

Black Widow #1 Review 5

Nathan Edmondson did an excellent job of taking this Avenger and putting her back into the environment that she's best suited to. I enjoy seeing Black Widow as an Avengers but as she doesn't really get used properly it's fitting that she's got her own ongoing series again. Edmondson handled the espionage part of this series perfectly, adding great tone and atmosphere. It was also nice to see Widow try to atone for her past sins, as it adding a bit more humanism to the story. On top of this I lov...

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Detective Comics #27 Review 0

The main story was “Gothtopia” written by regular Detective Comics writer John Layman with the artwork also coming from the usual artist Jason Fabok. Now the story itself was very interesting, taking a very different approach to the Batman mythos. It would however be the mystery behind the story that would interest me the most, with it having a “Nineteen Eighty-Four” feel to it. The artwork from Fabok would also as usual be extremely impressive, having a lot of detail to it. The layout along wit...

6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

Artifacts #33 Review 4

I was very impressed with the writing of this issue and Kenny Porter did a brilliant job. Porter produced a brilliant tone throughout this issue, building up some great tension and suspense. He’d also add some outstanding emotion as well, with there being a lot of depth to the characters. The only minor negativity that I give to this story is that it would have probably have been better over a couple of issues, feeling rather too quick paced. In saying that given the fact that Porter was given o...

5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

Aphrodite IX #7 Review 5

Matt Hawkins continues to deliver big time with Aphrodite IX, creating yet more amazing build-up and suspense throughout this issue. Hawkins also continues to add plenty of mystery throughout the story, with the overall intensity constantly growing with ever issue. Hawkins also develops the side-stories perfectly, as despite taking away ever so slightly from the overall suspense, he does add much more intensity and depth in it’s place. On top of that the overall character development also contin...

5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

Morning Glories: For a Better Future Review 0

Nick Spencer would however produce some of his best work in this volume and it’s easy to tell how it’s gained the praise it gets. The suspense and drama on top of the unique setting makes this a very spontaneous and exciting tale that keeps you questioning what will happen next, whilst also making you want to read more when you’ve finished it. Spencer also would do a great job of not only introducing all these new characters, but at developing them, as after the six issues in this collection you...

5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

Forever Evil #4 Review 2

This would start to change slightly in this issue, as Geoff Johns starts to implement more interesting developments, utilising previous Justice League material perfectly. Johns would also continue to add a lot of suspense and drama in this issue, and with it still lacking ever so slightly in the development region this would be a much needed addition. Johns would also start to bring more of the big time players together in this issue, cultivating in some fantastic character interactions. On top ...

6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

Origin II #1 Review 4

I was however very surprised by the work that Gillen produced in this issue, as despite it being very different from Paul Jenkin’s style of storytelling, it still managed to intrigue me. What I especially liked about Gillen’s writing in this issue was the symbolism that he added, as while the lack of dialogue made the issue much quicker to lead, the tone of this style added a lot more depth to Wolverine as a character. I also loved the teasers that Gillen would add to the issue, as due to the la...

10 out of 10 found this review helpful.