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Top Marvel Series'

This is a list of the series from Marvel that I like the most. This list used to be in order of average highest rating, though now it will change to what I consider the best at the moment. Also from now on series I've not read in a long time or that are cancelled will be removed.

List items

  • #1-2

  • #1-21. This has been a very good series, and one of the best I've seen from Deadpool. It is very different, funny and violent, and Tony Moore's art is fantastic.

  • #1-15 (also #8AU). This has not been a startling series, but it has been decent, and good. I expect this series will get even better than it already is.

  • #1-12. Although this series started very poorly issue 2, and 3 were very good, and I hope the series gets better, as it's still far from perfect

  • #1-15. This series started perfectly, and although the following issue wasn't quite as good, I still have very high hopes for this series. Mark Waid has really breathed new life into the Hulk, and I hope he can continue this form.

  • #6-14 (also Annual #1). This series only joined Marvel NOW! since issue 6 but so far has continued to be amazing, giving very entertaining stories.

  • #0.1-9. This had a brilliant start, with the point one issue, and although the first issue wasn't quite as good, it was still a brilliant start to the main series.

  • #1-23. A brilliant start, but unfortunately the second issue slipped in quality. Hopefully it will get better. I dropped the series after issue 3, but a friend has let me read theirs since and I have read it up to date. The series is starting to get better, and although it's still nothing amazing, it is fun, and the story is more than interesting.

  • #23-34. This series was brilliant prior to joining Marvel NOW!, but since joining it's stayed as good, if not better, and I'm really looking forward to the future of this series.

  • #1-11. I don't actually own any of this series, but a friend of mine let me read theirs and I really liked it. Although it's not the same Nova most people love, I like getting to know this new character. The first issue was a tiny bit slow, but the second one made up a lot, and this looks like it will be a really fun series.

  • #1-8. This series has only had one issue so far, but due to the issue being as close to perfect as possible, and this list going by the average rating it's currently at the top, although that may change depending on future ratings.

  • #1-16. This has been a near perfect series, and I hope it continues to be as brilliant as it already is.

  • #1-24 (also #6AU). A decent start, and to be honest considering the circumstances it's much better than I thought. Although I'm not won over by Doc Ock as Spider-Man the ending to issue 1 shows promise for the future of this series, and I hope it continues to surprise me. The series however has since been very inconsistent, and I'm slowly loosing faith in it.

  • #1-20. This has been a very good series, and although it's far from perfect it is very fun. This is the Marvel NOW! series that I'm most excited about reading each time, even though it's not the best. The series is looking even better since issue 6, and I hope it continues being as good.

  • #1-14. This has been a very good series so far. Although the art isn't perfect the story has been very good, and different, and I hope it will be better, or at least stay this good.

  • Uncanny X-Men #1-12. I wasn't originally going to get this series, but due to the good reviews, as well as the upcoming Battle of the Atom crossover coming out I decided to get it, and the issues that have been out so far. I have to say I'm very happy I made this decision, as although the start was a little inconsistent pace wise, it has really picked up, and although it at times mirrors All-New X-Men, it shows that it's it's own series, and is truly amazing.

  • #1-12. This series had a very good start, and Paul Cornell, and Alan Davis did an amazing job. Although it's not amazing yet I have every faith that this series will get better, even though the last couple of issues was very poor, as it does show promise.