My Top X-Men and Wolverine Stories

This is a list of my most favourite X-Men, and Wolverine stories including Story Arcs and TPB's (trade paper backs/graphic novels). The list will also however feature any stories connected to either X-Men, or Wolverine, so may also include stories from the likes of Gambit, Mystique, Deadpool, X-Force, and more.

X-Men is one of my favourite groups of all time, falling just behind the Avengers. Wolverine is also my third favourite hero, behind Batman, and Spider-Man. Like most of my collection this will mainly consist of newer stories, with most stories since Messiah Complex. Some of my favourite writers on the stories however vary from new to old, with Brian Michael Bendis producing some amazing stories at the moment, as well as the likes of Chris Claremont giving us some of the most iconic X-Men/Wolverine stories of all time.

The list will change from time to time if I've either read a new story or read a old one again feeling I've ranked it too high or too low.

I am also going through my X-Men/Wolverine stories again and due to that will only add to this list once I have to save confusion on the ratings.


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