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My Top Spider-Man Stories

This is a list of my most favourite Spider-Man stories including Story Arcs and TPB's (trade paper backs/graphic novels).

Spider-Man is my second favourite hero behind Batman, and I have loved the stories that come from this great character. I have a relatively big collection owning all the issues of The Amazing Spider-Man since the start of The Gauntlet, as well ass most of the previous stories since the start of J. Michael Straczynski's run in TPB's. Straczynski has probably been one of the best writers I've seen on the character in recent times, as although Dan Slott has done a decent job over his run, he has let himself down since the start of Marvel NOW!

The list will change from time to time if I've either read a new story or read a old one again feeling I've ranked it too high or too low.

I am also going through my Spider-Man stories again and due to that will only add to this list once I have to save confusion on the ratings.


I'm also considering adding the Ultimate Comics to this list but haven't decided whether to or whether just to do a list for the best Ultimate Universe stories. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

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