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My Top 100 Comic Book Heroes

This is a list of my top 100 comic book heroes from any comic book series. This includes anti-heroes and villains that are now heroes. Heroes don't necessarily have to have superpowers too, they just need to show heroic deeds.

Subject to change in case I feel I made a mistake, or change my mind.

List items

  • This is where it all started comic book wise for me. I remember seeing the Batman Animated series when I was a kid in the 90's and I have loved Batman ever since. I then got further into Batman about 10 years ago when I read some of the trade copies of the classic and more recent comics. I have also loved the films mainly the Nolan one's although I was disappointed in the ending. Another thing I have enjoyed about Batman over the years is how the character has developed over the years and how his section of the DC universe has expanded with new members of the Bat-Family being introduced, new villains and how heroes have became villains. One of my favourite modern stories was Hush as I liked the mystery about it and how when Riddler discovered his secret he couldn't do anything with it, as no one likes a riddle everyone knows the answer to. I have also liked Morrison's work and Under the Hood story bringing Jason Todd back from the dead. My favourite classic and probably my favourite Bat story for years to come is Killing Joke by Allan Moore, as it was brilliant and the Joker was done perfectly. Also liked the door it opened for Barbara Gordon becoming Oracle. I have also been enjoying Zack Snyder's run on Batman as of the New 52 and really liked the start of Death of the Family.

  • Like Batman I have been a Spider-Man fan since my childhood watching the 90's Animated series and loved all the villains involved. He was a character I have always respected and the first character I started collecting comics of. I have also loved all the gadgets Spider-Man comes up with and all the geeky stuff he comes out with. I have also enjoyed the films that have been out but think the Amazing Spider-Man makes the others look rubbish (still like them though). My favourite modern series I have read was Straczynski's run and liked all the new stories and characters he introduced, also loved John Romita Jr's at during the run. One of my favourite classic stories is the Night Gwen Stacy Died, as it was a brilliant story. Also liked Gwen much more as Peter's love interest (probably another reason I like the Amazing Spider-Man film a lot more). I have also been liking Dan Slott's run and even though they aren't necessarily the best written stories out there they are very fun and that's what I enjoy about Spidey comcis.

  • Wolverine like the two above him is another character I have know since childhood through the 90's X-Men Animated series but I've grown more fond of the character since reading comics and the X-Men films as besides the fact Hugh Jackman is taller than Wolverine should be he's brilliant at playing him. I also like how the character's origin has evolved and is still questionable due to the amount of times his mind has been erased. One of my favourite modern stories was Old Man Logan by Mark Millar but one of my all time favourite stories is Frank Miller's original series, and although I don't like all of Miller's work (Sin City is another exception among others) this was a brilliant story. I also liked Jason Aaron's Wolverine Goes to Hell story and all his work on Wolverine besides Wolverine and the X-Men.

  • Superman is another character I have known since I was a child having watched the Superman Adventures Animated Series during the 90's and the Christopher Reeves films as well. I really enjoy the character and have liked how he's changed over the years. I like how he stands for everything that is good in man and how he handles adversity. I also like how even though he is super strong and has all these powers he still has a weakness which his enemies exploit. I also like how he's one of the few heroes who's mask is actually his life as Clark Kent with Superman being his true identity. My favourite modern stories are stories like Brainiac, Up, Up and Away, New Krypton and Earth One whilst the classics I like are Death of Superman and Superman for All Seasons. I was however disappointed with Grounded by Straczynski recently and was slightly disappointed by War of the Supermen as well. I have enjoyed some of the films over the years with Man of Steel being my favourite with Superman II being my second favourite, and Superman The Movie my third favourite. I also didn't mind Superman III or Returns but thought Superman IV: Quest for Peace was a joke.

  • Punisher is a character I didn't know a lot about until about 7 years ago. I had seen him in the 90's Spider-Man Animated series but he was a lot different in that than he was in either the comics or the films (due to the series being aimed at kids). I really got into the Punisher when I picked up Garth Ennis' run during the Marvel Knights/MAX days and enjoyed all his work on the Punisher with Punisher: Born being one of my favourites. Also have been enjoying Gregg Rucka's series and will be sad to see him go. I like the Punisher character cause he's one of a few characters that does what needs to be done (in his eyes) by killing the villains that threaten innocent lives. I also like how he has his weird code of honour and the respect that he shows other heroes. I also liked both movies but preferred War Zone as it was a much more violent and grittier Punisher. Also thought he was truer to character during that and liked how it used aspects from Garth Ennis' run.

  • Tim Drake is my favourite out of the Robin's and one of my all time favourite characters. He probably would have been my all time favourite character if it wasn't for the fact all the other characters above him have had a lot better stories over the last 10 years (when I've mainly been reading). There are a few reasons he is my favourite Robin and they are: He was the Robin I grew up with, he had his own series (as Robin), I prefer both Dick and Jason as Nightwing and Red Hood respectfully and I think Tim is the closest (attribute wise) to Bruce out of them all. I also enjoyed Tim's solo run as Red Robin and like his New 52 suit. I wasn't however happy with the changes made to his origins in the New 52 but respect that as it's a semi-reboot some characters need to be changed or it would be the same (doesn't mean I have to like it). I would also like to see him get his own series again as although I'm enjoying Teen Titans I preferred his solo runs and fell due to this he's getting shut out the Batman comics a bit, although I'm happy to see he will be making an appearance during the Death of the Family crossover.

  • My favourite out of the earlier Avengers members. I have always liked Hawkeye whether it be him as Hawkeye or Ronin, although I didn't like him as Goliath. I have been sad to see bad solo runs over the years and was delighted with how good the current series by Matt Fraction and David Aja's been. I always expected it to be good after their work on Immortal Iron Fist and the fact that they have both produced other great work. I have also liked his series' with Black Widow in the past also and his appearance in the Wolverine Old Man Logan story. I also liked how Hawkeye was one of the characters chosen for the Avengers film and hope he either gets his own film or gets screen time in other films besides the Avengers.

  • For years I was never really a Captain America fan seeing him as a pompous character who thought his country could do no wrong. I then actually bought some comics and changed my mind on his character. Still never actually liked the character till I bought Captain America Reborn by Ed Brubaker which was brilliant. I then went back and bought the rest of his series up to date in TPB and have loved them all, especially Winter Soldier. Since this I have became a big Captain America fan and have collected a lot of his previous comics and have a near perfect run since the second series which started with the Heroes Reborn era. I have been very happy finding out that my assumptions of the character was totally wrong and how he stands for the people of America more than he stand for America itself. I have also liked how he has pointed out America's failings in the past yet again showing I was wrong when I thought that he thought America could do no wrong. I have also really enjoyed the Captain America film and was shocked with how well Chris Evans played him. I also liked him in the Avengers film and liked seeing him transition more into the leader he truly is.

  • Deadpool has been one of my favourite characters over the last few years and been fun to read. In my opinion one of the most underrated characters in Marvel if not the whole of comics. Yes he does have a huge following and a tone of loyal fans (like myself) but he gets pushed to the side when it comes to a lot of things and gets abused quite a lot to make money of fans like me (with non needed and poorer quality side comics). I like his humour and his split personalities. He's as funny as Spider-Man and as deadly as Wolverine and Punisher combined and that's what makes him fun to read. The only thing that has hindered Deadpool over the years has been badly written stories and unneeded series', although the just finished ongoing series by Daniel Way has been good and even though it has had it's share off poor stories overall he's done a brilliant job of writing the character and even when the stories are a bit poor the character himself is to a tee which makes the comic fun. I also liked how Deadpool has recently been more involved in the Marvel Universe, being a member of the Uncanny X-Force and about to become a member of the new Thunderbolts team alongside Punisher, Red Hulk, Venom and Elektra. I am also looking forward to the next series of Deadpool and with one cover showing Deadpool squaring off against a zombie Abe Lincoln, it looks like the series will be very fun. I am also really looking forward to the Deadpool video game that is coming out next year and am really happy North Nolan will be voicing him (as he did a great job on Hulk vs. Wolverine in which Deadpool made an appearance and has also been great on other games Deadpool's been in). The biggest thin I have disliked with Deadpool in media was him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Although I did like Ryan Reynolds as Wade I hated the monstrosity they turned him into at the end of the film and am happy that they are scrapping that when he gets a solo film.

  • Thor the God of Thunder has been another character I have liked for a number of years but I had already became interested in the character before I read the comics as when I was in my early teens I was very interested in mythology with Greek and Norse being the two I was most interested in. When I started to become a fan of comics more than I did of the characters on their own I obviously decided to try the Thor comic with Straczynski's run and boy was it good. I just loved how he brought Thor back into the Marvel Universe and how he brought Asgard to earth involving the Asgardians in the series and showing how they intermingle with regular people. Although I liked the Siege storyline I was disappointed as due to the destruction of Asgard Straczynski left the series just before the event. Although Kieron Gillen did a good job on the series after it wasn't quite as good as Straczynski's run. I also liked Matt Fraction's run that would continue into the Mighty Thor series and liked how he brought villains like Galactus, who was originally introduced in a Thor comic into the series. I also loved the Thor film that came out and thought Chris Hemsworth did an amazing job as Thor. I also liked Thor's involvement in the Avengers film and am looking forward to Thor: Dark World.

  • HULK SMASH!! (couldn't resist). Hulk when written well is one of my favourite characters and I have enjoyed reading him over the last 7 years. I really first got to know Hulk like I did a lot of Marvel characters though the Animated series out in the 90's. I just love the Jekyll and Hyde type characteristics to him as one minute he's bumbling smart scientist Bruce Banner (not David like the TV series calls him. I hated that) and the next minute this huge green rage monster in the form of the Hulk. I was happy the printer at Marvel couldn't print grey at the time (he was originally intended to be grey in colour) as I don't think Hulk would have been good grey (there is a book called Hulk Grey if you want to judge for yourself) and nothing Hulk wise will be as good as a green Hulk. When the 2003 Hulk film came out I was put off the Hulk big style and didn't want to hear or read anything to do with him for a while. Due to this I didn't really get into reading Hulk comics until Planet Hulk came out and since then I have been a huge Hulk fan. The story line was just amazing with Hulk getting shot of into space and landing on a planet where he's used as a gladiator and falls in love. Unfortunately for Hulk it didn't end well but for us we got an epic follow up in the form of World War Hulk. This was an amazing story with Hulk getting revenge on the people who sent him into space. The 2008 film Incredible Hulk showed me that Hulk could be good on the big screen and I was very happy with how good it was and how good a job Edward Norton played Bruce Banner. Initially I was upset when I heard he would not be reprising the role in Avengers but when I watched it I was happy as for how good Norton was as Banner Mark Ruffalo was even better and the Hulk was the thing that stole the film for me.

  • Dick Grayson, the original Robin, former Batman and current Nightwing. I have liked the character through the years although when I was younger and before I got into comics properly I was put off by the character due to the film Batman & Robin which ruined the character. Since reading the comics I have became fond of Grayson as a character and loved both the original Nightwing series and the current. I have liked all the Robins including Damian but I always preferred Dick as Nightwing. I also liked him when he was Batman and loved the chemistry between him and Damian in Batman and Robin but I have always preferred him as Nightwing. I really enjoyed his run in Blüdhaven fighting Blockbuster. I hope that one day the character can be introduced into a film and be done justice but I would rather they left him out unless they could do him justice.

  • I've always liked Iron Fist as part of Power Man and Iron Fist or Heroes for Hire but I never really cared when he was on his own until Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, and David Aja brought out the Immortal Iron Fist which was amazing. It took all the aspects of his Kung Fu world of K'un-L'un and made it awesome. I also liked during this run how we saw all different Iron Fist's from the past as well. I have also been enjoying him as part of the New Avengers and it's nice to see him in a team that really suits him. I hope sometime down the line we'll have either another amazing Iron Fist series, Heroes for Hire or Power Man (Cage) and Iron Fist series but until then I will enjoy whatever roles he plays in the comics I'm getting. It would also be nice to see him introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but I think it would be better if they did a Heroes for Hire film mainly focused on him and Luke Cage.

  • Iron Man was another character I was never really a fan of as I wasn't keen on the animated series that was out in the 90's. When I heard about the film coming out I thought I'd do a lot of research on the character so I knew what to expect and as I was doing this I started to like the character and some of the more risky story lines he was in. One of these story lines that I liked was Demon in the Bottle, as Tony had always liked his drink it was nice to see how it affected him in his suit. More recent stories I've enjoyed was his role in the Civil War crossover and when he became Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. I have also enjoyed the most recent Iron Man series, Invincible Iron Man and loved both Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca. I loved the first of the films and also like the second although I expected a better film with the second, due to setting up Avenger movies it dropped a bit. I also think Robert Downey Jr. was a perfect choice for the role and the minute I saw stills of him forging the suit I thought yes that's Iron Man, plus also his past demons (drink,and drugs) made me compare him to Iron Man and he pulled of them scenes perfectly in the second film. Also liked his role in the Avengers film and am really looking forward to Iron Man 3 next April (Ben Kingsley as Mandarin, what else could be better)

  • Nihgtcrawler is a brilliant character and my second favourite X-Man. I was very upset when the character died and the AoA version isn't really the same. I have loved his chemistry with Wolverine over the years and think he was a real help to Wolverine keeping on the right path. I have never read any of his solo series but hear they are good and might pick them up one day. His appearances in films and Animated series has had varied responses from me. I loved the character in the Wolverine and the X-Men TV series and felt he was very like the character I envision when I'm reading the comics. The film version I wasn't as sure on, he looked most of the part but there was just something amiss that I didn't like but don't know what. Overall though the appearance in X-Men 2 was good and could have been a lot worse.

  • Daredevil is an amazing character and I liked the idea of his heightened senses due to the radioactive chemicals that blinded him. I also liked how we saw a heroic deed in him getting these powers by sacrificing himself to save an old man. The series over the years have been up and down but overall they've been good enough for me to still like the character. Some stories I have liked are Guardian Devil, Shadowland, Born Again to name a few. There have also been tones of brilliant writers over the years including Frank Miller (one of the series' I like of his), Kevin Smith, David Mack, Brian Michael Bendis (although his run was a bit up and down), Ed Brubaker, Andy Diggle and the current writer Mark Waid to name a few. I have especially been enjoying Mark Waid's run and haven't enjoyed the character as much since Kevin Smith wrote him, I might even enjoy the character a bit more than I did then on top. I didn't mind the film they produced as it was good, just a couple of the actor choices for character were wrong. Although Ben Affleck looked the part of DD I didn't think he quite pulled it off and made the character look just a little bit too smug. Also didn't like Colin Farrell as Bulseye although I did like the Bulseye mark being engraved into his forehead. The actor I did think suited his role was Michael Clark Duncan and although I heard everyone complain cause he was coloured (not trying to be racist) I don't think anyone else could have played that part as well as he did.

  • I have been a fan of Hellboy for a number of years now and love Mike Mignola's work on the character. I like how the stories jump around so you could be reading a story set in the present one issue and one set years previous in the next. I have however been slightly disappointed in the more recent stories but am really looking forward to Helboy In Hell. One of my favourite Hellboy stories was Conquerour Worm. I have also enjoyed both films with Golden Army being my favourite. I also think that the characters in the film were cast well and that Ron Perlman really suited the role of Hellboy.

  • I was never a fan of any of the Green Lanterns until I picked up Green Lantern: Rebirth by Geoff Johns which was brilliant and I have loved his work on the series ever since. During reading that series and the current I have became very fond of the original concept of emotion ruling the Universe and needing someone to police it. I also liked the origin story of Hal and enjoy that one man from a sector that should never have produced a Green Lantern to start of with can become the greatest Green Lantern of all time. I actually liked the film staring Ryan Renolds but disliked Parallax in it. I also thought that thy turned it into too much of a comedy and although Hal has been known for being funny in the past not quite as funny as he was in the film.

  • Like Green Lantern I was never a fan of the Flash until Flash: Rebirth also by Geoff John's with Flash: The Return of Barry Allen by Mark Waid being the only Flash book I had ever read. As with Hal Johns did a tremendous job in reviving Barry and bringing him back into the DC Universe. His entire run after that up till Flashpoint was also amazing but what Francis Manapaul and Brian Buccellato have done on the current series has surpassed that and been one of the best Flash series I have read along with one of my favourite series' in the New 52. I also wish that they would eventually make a Flash film as the character has great potential and with the right actor, right director and the right script it could be an amazing film.

  • I was never a Swamp Thing fan until I read the recent New 52 series. The character is brilliant and full of tones of emotion a contrasting feelings. I love how he didn't want to be Swamp Thing but chose it to save the woman he loved. I also love how he is so misunderstood and that although he appears to be a monster he is a man underneath who has paid the ultimate price to save the Green, humanity and the woman he loves. Scott Snyder has done such a brilliant job writing him and Yanick Paquette has done an amazing job drawing him. The Raise them Bones story was amazing and I'm looking forward to reading Rotworld and Swamp Thing's battle against the Rot. I also wish they would make a newer up to date Swamp Thing film that has actually been well thought out as the two Swamp Thing films that are out are atrocious and don't do the character justice.

  • I have been a Constantine fan for a few years now, and although I've never read an issue of Hellblazer I have seen him in other series, and thoroughly enjoyed him as a character. My main love for the character came out of the film staring Keanu Reeves, which shamefully was the first time I'd actually heard of him. Although the film wasn't as good as it could have been it was still good, and enough to make me interested in the character. I have heard that he's a good character in the new Justice League Dark series, and I'm really looking forward to his new solo series as a full member of the New 52 in Constantine, which I hope is as good as my expectations, if not better.

  • Bucky was a character I was never interested in until I read Brubaker's Winter Soldier, Captain America story. Since then I have loved the character and have enjoyed the emotional path he's followed over the years. I have also liked how his journey has been so different than Steve's has and how he is now felling remorse for the things the KGB made him do as the Winter Soldier. I didn't mind him whilst he was Captain America and agreed that if Steve wasn't Cap (due to apparently being dead) that Bucky would be the only choice to replace him, but I still prefer him as Winter Soldier. My favourite story with Bucky is still the Captain America Winter Soldier story I mentioned earlier but I am also enjoying him in the Winter Soldier ongoing series and think he is the best character Brubaker has ever written. I didn't mind him in Captain America: First Avenger but felt he could have been used a bit more, and am very excited about the Winter Soldier follow up that's coming out in 2014 although I think it would have been a better idea having it as the third film (still happy it's coming out though).

  • Gambit is one of my favourite X-Men and could easily have been my favourite if it hadn't been for the poor handling of the character in the past. I love Gambit's quick wit and no fear attitude whilst knowing his limitations. I also think he's got one of the coolest mutations I have ever seen from an X-Man or mutant in general and who wouldn't want to explode cards in your hands and throw them at people. The current Gambit series has been amazing and although it's only a few issue into the series I have a feeling that this could be the best Gambit series we've seen so far. James Asmus has done a brilliant job on the series and I am happy he has Gambit as a thief again. I hope he stays on the series for a long time and that when he does eventually leave that the person that replaces him is as good on the series. I have also liked Gambit in the animated series over the years whether the 90's X-Men Animated series or the more recent Wolverine and the X-Men series he was written well, with a good voice actor voicing him. I was in two minds about him in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film as the person playing him looked the part but it was a bit sad to see Gambit minus his Cajun accent.

  • I never liked Jason as Robin and in my opinion he is the worst Robin ever. I have however became fond of the character since he was reintroduced into the DC Universe as Red Hood and think he suits the angry, upset character, as he always showed that whilst he was Robin. I really enjoyed the Under the Hood story arc and was also very happy with the Animated movie adaptation which was also brilliant. I have also been enjoying the Red Hood and the Outlaws series that is out the now and love the way he interacts with his fellow Outlaws: Starfire and Arsenal. I also like when we see him make appearances in Batman books and how despite the disappointment he fells for Bruce he still manages to get along with Tim (New 52) and helps out the other members of the Bat-family when needed.

  • Judge Dredd is the law and probably the best comic book character to come out of Britain with not one but two films to his name. The first film stared Sylvester Stallone but even with a big name didn't do that well and got a lot of negative reviews. I personally enjoyed the Stallone version and thought it was a good film for it's time. I did however fell that although it's set in the future like the comics it actually looks futuristic technology wise and not the slums that are depicted in the comics. Was also unhappy about him removing his helmet but when you have a star like Stallone you need to show his face. The reboot this time with Karl Urban was a lot better as Urban played a brilliant Dredd and the setting was a lot similar to the comics. The comics themselves varied from writer to writer with some good stories but not many greats. Judge Dredd and 2000 AD comics in general are however what we have to thank for some of the great British writers like Grant Morrison, Alan Grant, Mark Millar, Alan Moore, Andy Diggle, Garth Ennis and many more who got their first break at 2000 AD most writing Judge Dredd at one time or another.