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My Favourite Comic Book Writers

This is a list of my most favourite comics book writers of past and present. This list will be in order of my most favourite, but might change if I notice a new writers, remember a writer that isn't on the list or simply just change my mind on who's work I prefer.

List items

  • By far my favourite writer. Although I'd read a couple of books prior to reading any of Millar's stuff, Civil War was what made me start to love comics. I have since loved nearly all of his stories (apart from Ultimate Avengers 3, and Trouble), and it's nice to see them made into films. He's done ton's of fantastic work on some of Marvel's big characters including stories like, Old Man Logan, Wolverine Agent of SHIELD, Fantastic Four, Marvel Knights Spider-Man, and many more. Since he started Millarworld he has produced some of the best creator owned work I have ever read, and works with some fabulous artists.

  • Another writer who's work I've loved for a long time. His work on Batman has been phenomenal, and although not all of it's been brilliant, most of it has, especially Batman and Son, and all the stuff that's involved Damian Wayne, and Talia Al Ghul. He has also produced marvellous Superman stories, and has a brilliant creator owned story in Happy! Hope he keeps making brilliant work in the future.

  • This writer has jumped up in my opinion over the last year and a bit. I'd only read his work on Detective Comics (prior to New 52) and didn't find it as brilliant as people made out. However when he started Batman in the New 52 he has done some of the best work I've read in the last couple if years, and has written brilliant Batman stories. I've also recently gotten his Swamp Thing series and love it, realising that the man is a phenomenal writer. Hopefully he will continue this in future work. I hope to get his American Vampire series to see what that's like.

  • I have to admit I wasn't too impressed with Remender's writing a few years ago, whilst he was writing Punisher. Over the last couple of years he has grown into fabulous writer creating brilliant series including, uncanny X-Force, and Venom. He has also done a brilliant job on Secret Avengers, and I expect him to do a excellent job on Captain America, and Uncanny Avengers, with both series having a very good start. I hope that he continues to create fantastic stories, as he's became a writer who's work I want to read, whether I'm already fond of the subject matter or not.

  • Geoff Johns is a fantastic writer, and is one of the best writers DC Comics has had working for them over the last decade. He has re-introduced characters that have either been dead, or out of the spotlight, turning them into the characters they deserve to be, in brilliant series', which include Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash (Barry Allen), and Aquaman. I hope he continues this great quality of work in any future work he does, and he is bound to go down as one of the greatest writers of his generation.

  • Ed Brubaker is a fantastic writer, and the sole reason I'm a Captain America fan. I used to think Captain America as a obnoxious, arrogant character, but since reading Captain America Reborn I have grown to respect the character, and what he stands for. I have also loved the rest of Brubaker's work on Captain America, especially the work that involves Bucky Barnes (mainly the Winter Soldier story arc). His other series including Winter Soldier, Daredevil, Crimial, Incognito, and more have also been fantastic, and he really makes anything brilliant. I was sad to hear that he will be leaving Winter Soldier, but hope he does tremendous work on his creator owned series', and am planning to get the first couple of volumes of Fatale.

  • This writer would probably be higher on this list if I'd actually read more of his work. Although his superhero stories at Marvel weren't brilliant (still good), his creator owned material has been phenomenal. The best thing he's created is without a double The Walking Dead, and I've never read a series that has over 100 issues, with them all being good (not all brilliant, but at least good), which is saying something. His other creator owned material including Thief of Thieves, and Super Dinosaur has also been brilliant, and I am also planing on trying Invincible.

  • Matt Fraction has really went up in my opinion over the last year and a bit. He has done some amazing series including Immortal Iron Fist, and Invincible Iron Man. He is also currently working on some very good series in Fantastic Four, and Hawkeye. I hope he keeps up this brilliant work as he has the potential to become one of the best writers of all time.

  • I have only read two issues of his work, but already I'm starting to love it, and I can see why everyone classes him as a brilliant writer. I will surely look out for more of his work, whether in comics form or collected trade paperbacks.

  • Although I've not read much of Rucka's work, what I have read has been brilliant. His run on Wolverine was fantastic, and although Coyote Crossin wasn't brilliant, the rest of his run was. His recent work on Punisher has also been phenomenal, and I have never seen Punisher written as good as this in all the 100+ issue I've read. It is sad that he will be leaving Punisher, but I hope he moves to a good series.

  • Diggle is a brilliant writer, and has done amazing work on Daredevil, Batman Confidential, and other series. He also created the brilliant Vertigo series Losers, which was made into a fantastic film. I haven't read as much of his work in the last year and a bit (since he left Daredevil), but I'm looking forward to seeing him on Action Comics, Thief of Thieves, and am hoping to pick up the new Doctor Who series (at least the issues he's written).

  • This man is responsible for nearly everything good in Marvel. He has created some of the most iconic comic book hero's of all time including, Spider-Man, Daredevil, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Hulk, and more. He has also done a brilliant job of introducing mythical characters like Thor, and Hercules to Marvel, as well as reintroducing perhaps the most famous Marvel character that he didn't create, Captain America. Although overall his writing isn't brilliant, the man has a stupendous imagination, and has truly created some comic book gold, and he will go down in history as one of the best, if not the best comic book creator of all time.

  • This man is a pure genius when it comes to writing. He's written and creating TV series like Buffy, Angle, Dollhouse, Firefly, and more, and written or directed movies including Avengers, Serenity, and Cabin in the Woods. Due to this he hasn't written many comics, but what he has, has been phenomenal. I personally have only read his run on Astonishing X-Men, and a couple of Buffy issues, but they have both been decent with Astonishing X-Men being fantastic. He really appears to be an imaginative genius, and I look forward to seeing any future projects he works on, whether comics, films, or TV series'.

  • Dan Slott is a brilliant writer and has done an amazing job on Spider-Man over the last few years (even if he did kill him off). The only reason he isn't a lot higher on this list is that Spider-Man is the only series I've read written by him, and it's not always been brilliant. If he either continues creating amazing work on Spider-Man or works on a few different series, with good work coming out of them there is no reason that he wont go higher up this list.

  • His pre-New 52 Green Arrow run was amazing, and his short run on the series at the start of the New 52 was decent, even if it wasn't brilliant.