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Real Name: Jada Steele

Maiden Name: Munroe.

Dual Identity: Stormcloud

Identity: Secret

Class: Hero

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Government Super Agent & Spy for Sector 10, Semi-Retired Super-Hero & Stay at home Mom.

Base Of Operations: Javarta, Century City

Affiliation: Classified

Citizenship: United States of America

Legal Status: Married

Place of Birth: New York City

Education: College Graduate

Age: Unknown, but she looks to be somewhere in her 20's.

Marital Status: Married

Relatives: John Henry Steele (Husband), Ava & Natasha Steele (Identical Twin Daughters). Both of Jada's parents are dead.

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 145 lbs

Eyes: Blue (Wears brown eye contacts and glasses as Jada)

Hair: White (Wears a black wig as Jada)

Physical Form: While Jada is very beautiful in her own right, there are many women around the world more beautiful than her. But not according to her husband, John. Jada keeps herself in very good shape with a steady diet and regular exercise. She has a toned muscled build, wide hips and near flawless black skin.

Race: Human of African descent who practices elemental magic.

Universe: CVnU

Created by: ParagonxXx


Magic: Jada's core magical abilities include generating, manipulating and controlling the four elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water. However, she's also capable of using her magic to translate other languages, pass through walls, emit lightning blasts from her hands, creating force fields of varying size and some degree of self-healing. Jada has even successfully used her magic abilities to hack into computer systems and fly through the air like a jet.

By using a combination of Air, Fire and Water manipulation, Jada is able to manipulate the weather to some degree. Tornadoes, for example, are basically powerful gusts of air moving at great speed that spins in a circle and absorbing residual heat from the environment can cause freezing temperatures. Jada has studied various weather phenomena and can replicate much of it with her control over the four classical elements.

Because of the magic Jada wields, she has a naturally long life span that spans centuries.


Emotional Influence: Magic always comes with a price and if Jada does not maintain proper control then she might accidentally cause combustible material to suddenly burst into flame or cause it to start raining. This has caused her to reign in her emotions and become rather stoic.

Physical Condition: Jada may be a powerful elemental mage but she is still human who is limited by both the strength of her willpower as well as that of her body.

Human: Jada is human and just as vulnerable as any other.


Expert Combatant: Jada is a highly skilled Martial Artist with years worth of experience. If she cannot best an opponent with her powers or prowess, then she relies on her cunning.

Expert Gardener: Jada has a bit of a green thumb and loves gardening.

Expert Tactician: Jada is a natural leader, strategist, field commander and tactician.

Indomitable Will: Jada's willpower is as unbreakable as iron thanks to years of practice controlling her powers and emotions. Although she can resist temptation, mind control and hypnotic powers, she can be controlled by a sufficiently powerful mind.

Multilingual: Jada is fluent in English, Arabic, Swahili, Russian, Japanese, Wakandan, Yoruba and Spanish.

Spy Skills: As a spy and secret agent, Jada is highly skilled in espionage, seduction, intelligence gathering, stealth, sleight of hand, lock picking, stealing and disguise.

Weapon Proficiency: Jada is an excellent marksman with handguns and is experienced in the use of various firearms. She is also highly skilled with wielding knives, experienced in the use of the bo staff and trained in sword fighting by the finest warriors who trained her.


Ancestral Ruby: Jada owns a magically enchanted ruby that allows her to travel into another dimension. She often does this to be rest, study or be alone.

Costume: Jada's costume is made of unstable molecules and nanotechnology. It is bulletproof to small arms fire and simple blades. It's also fire and water retardant. Jada usually wears this underneath her regular clothing.

Lock Picks: Jada always carries some lick picks somewhere on her person.


Jada in her youth
Jada in her youth

Jada Munroe is a direct descendant of a very ancient line of African priestesses and warriors, all of which possess the potential for elemental magic. A unique feature of these African priestess warriors is the fact that each descendant all have blue eyes and white hair. These descendants are usually born once every other generation after the death of the previous Priestess Warrior.

Jada was born in New York City after her mother had moved there from Kenya and when she came into the world it was immediately apparent from the child's white hair & blue eyes that the baby girl was born with the potential to wield elemental magic. Unfortunately, the African tribe that required a new elemental mage had been wiped out from a rival tribe who wanted the power of these descendants for themselves. Fortunately, Jada's mother had moved to New York in an attempt to save her own life as well as the life of her child.

With no father in sight, Jada's mother was left to raise her daughter on her own since the father had died defending the tribe. Safe in New York, Jada grew up and had a relatively normal childhood until she hit her teens where her mother told her all the family secrets. The young teenager was given a book about element magic where Jada learned about the various uses of her powers and she constantly trained in order to master them since they had recently emerged.

Once Jada had successfully learned how to use her powers effectively, she was found and recruited by a government official and she became a secret agent as well as a spy. Given the codename Stormcloud due to her limited ability to control the weather, she passed her secret agent training with flying colors and she has served as a spy ever since.

Unfortunately, tragedy would strike Jada when her mother passed away under mysterious circumstances. Stormcloud suspects foul play, but she has been unable to find the evidence to prove her theory. To this day, the death of her mother remains a cold case but Jada refuses to give up until she has found the answers she seeks.

Jada as Stormcloud
Jada as Stormcloud

Eventually, Jada would be given a new assignment as a secret agent and that was to spy on her current husband, John Henry Steele, and learn all he knew about the alien race that had recruited him into a war he never wanted. The elemental mage never expected to actually fall in love with the man, nor did she expect to have two beautiful children with him either.

Jada's information gathering on John's experiences while off planet was slow but steady. Her husband was reluctant to talk about such painful memories and the government knew this which is why they ordered Jada to marry John in order to gain his trust and open up to her.

To this day, Jada still does not have the full story about her husband's experiences but at least coaxing those stories out of John has become somewhat easier now that they are married. But one day, which is becoming ever closer, Jada fears her mission to spy on John will come to an end and she'll be ordered to leave the man that she has fallen in love with. To date, Jada still has not told John she is a spy as she does not want to endanger his life. But it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep all these secrets from him.

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