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Real Name: John Henry

Current Alias: John Henry Steele

Dual Identity: Megavolt

Identity: Secret

Class: Hero

Alignment: Good

Occupation: History Teacher & Powers Trainer.

Base Of Operations: Javarta, Century City

Affiliation: None

Citizenship: United States of America

Legal Status: No Criminal Record

Place of Birth: Unknown

Education: Equal to High School

Age: Unknown, but looks 30.

Marital Status: Married

Relatives: Jada Steele (Wife), Ava & Natasha Steele (Identical Twin Daughters). John's parents are deceased.

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 245 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Physical Form: John is an great shape and maintains a muscular physique through daily exercise.

Race: Meta-Human

Universe: CVnU

Created by: ParagonxXx


Electrokinesis: John is able to fire electricity from his hands, eyes or any part of his body. He is also capable of firing electric balls, electric bombs, electric breath and electric bullets. He can also project electric pillars, cut with electricity and send out electric shock waves. Other abilities include:

  • Call Lightning: So long as there is an active storm overhead then John could use it to call lightning from it in order to kill, severely burn, stun or blind his enemies. His control over this is so precise that this lightning bolt from the heavens can either cause minor damage or a fatal dose of voltage. John is limited to calling lightning from a storm or from some sort of electrical source.
  • Electricity Absorption: John can absorb any, and all, forms of electricity and this extends to magical forms of it as well.
  • Electric Aura: John can surround himself with a skin tight electrical aura in order to protect himself from falls from great heights, punches, kicks, bullets, energy blasts, bladed weaponry and attacks from those who possess super strength. He can also use his electric aura to electrocute others who touch him.
  • Electric Conductor: With concentration, John can conduct electricity throughout his entire body or just a small part of it. Weather he's actively using this power or not, he is still completely immune to any and all electrical sources, no matter how high the voltage happens to be. And finally, John can discharge electricity through any conductive media such as meta, water, etc.
  • Electric Detection:Electro-receptor organs located within John's brain are responsible for generating an electric field that enables him to detect distortions within that field and sense the presence of electricity within people and objects all around him. With concentration, he can sense the exact amount of electricity he is sensing and if it happens to be hidden or not. And sense every living thing generates a weak bio-electric field inside their nerves, brain and muscles, then John can sense that in order to locate them even if they are in hiding.
  • Electric Flight: John can fly by generating an electric field through his legs and essentially 'pushing' himself through the air. He can either fly as fast as a flash of lightning or slow down to any speed below that if he chooses to do so. By simply using a short burst of electrical energy and propel it through his legs, John can jump incredible distances.
  • Electric Healing: John can use his powers to absorb electrons and then use them to stimulate the molecules that make up organic beings, repairing the damage done to them. With this healing ability, he can reduce fatigue by helping eliminate toxins from the body, restarting the heart and even heal the brain if it has suffered damage.
  • Electrical Heat: John's powers come with a side-effect: He generates heat when he uses his powers. With concentration, he can use this heat to cook things or melt objects.
  • Longevity: John has lived for over a century. No one knows for sure as to why, not even him. It is unknown how long he will live before he will die of old age.


Advanced Technology: Superior technology has been known to be pretty effective against John to varying degrees.

Magic: John is vulnerable to magic in all it's forms.

Rubber & Silicate: John has a hard time with rubbers and silicates since these materials are highly resistant to his electric powers. However, he has managed to damage these materials with a high enough voltage so he is not completely helpless against them.


Genius: John never got his IQ tested but he is a genius who is capable of building, inventing, repairing and maintaining his own highly advanced technology. He is especially good at ballistics, robotics, weapon design and armored systems.

History: John is an expert in history and loves learning about it in his free time.

Leadership: John is a gifted and talented leader.

Peak Physical Condition: John is in peak physical condition due to daily exercise and a good diet. Some have speculated that his powers also have something to do with it too.

Railway Worker: John was a skilled railway worker long ago.

Skilled Fighter: John is a highly skilled hand to hand combatant, but he is no master.

Teacher: John is a gifted teacher and loves teaching others, especially when it comes to history.


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Super Suit: John's Super Suit possesses a number of cool features that are useful for him while operating as Megavolt.

  • Goggles: The residual electrical discharge from the goggles makes John's face blurry to the naked eye and makes it almost impossible for his face to be filmed or photographed. The goggles also provide protection against blinding light sources as bright as the sun and the ability to see in complete darkness.
  • Power Source & EMP Shielding: John's suit is powered by his own bio-electricity regardless if he consciously wills it or not. The suit also has shielding against EMP's and is not effected by that type of attack.
  • Threat Detection: When a threat is detected, the suit stimulates John's electric aura so that it will surround him automatically in order to protect him from harm.
  • Other Features: The suit can change colors ranging from really bright to get people's attention or can turn completely black for stealth purposes, all with a single mental command by John.


John Henry was born in 1843 and was a black slave, but later gained his freedom before getting work as a railway worker. John was blessed with being both tall and having a powerful build. He used both assets for his job as a hard working railway worker and ended up being one of the best his generation had ever seen. In 1870, work began on a railway tunnel in Talcott, West Virginia. Little did John know, this would be the last time he would work on the railway. Three years later, when the railway tunnel was almost completed, a steam drill arrived on the scene alongside the man who planned on putting hard working men like John Henry out of a job.

John Henry took one look at the steam drill and determined to beat the machine in a race. But for John, it was more than just a race. Not only was it personal for him, but he also fought for the jobs for all the men all around him. A race was agreed upon and the start of the next day saw the race commence. With a sledge hammer in each hand, John Henry worked hard and gained a good lead against the machine. When it came time to rest, John didn't do so for very long before he went back at it. So determined he was to beat the machine.

The contest was held for most of the day and then part of the next day. In the end, John beat the machine and saved everyone's jobs in the process. But then the big man fell deathly ill and the story goes that he died with a hammer in his hand. A sad end to a man who took pride in his work.

At least, that is how the folk tale goes, but what most people do not know is that John Henry survived that ordeal. Unknown to John, some government officials slipped something into one of John's drinks during the rare moment he took a rest against the machine. When John supposedly died, his body only appeared to be dead but his heart still beat within his chest, albeit very slowly. When it came time to revive him, John was surprised to find himself alive. He would quickly learn that he wished he had died. An alien race had disguised themselves as humans from his local government and used their advanced technology to make sure John survived his race against the machine, then recruited him in a war for their race. A war that John wanted no part of, but had no choice but to fight in it.

John fought in a war that would take him far away from Earth and even in other dimensions. He did not possess the electric powers he does today, but instead he had super strength and unbreakable skin thanks to his meta human powers. When the war was finally won, John got to pick one reward for all his hard work and he chose to return to Earth. By the time he came back to Earth, it was already in the early 21st century. Technology had advanced a lot and was everywhere, much to John's chagrin and surprise.

John had a hard time readjusting to his new life on Earth and took on a new identity as John Henry Steele. Somewhere along the line, he had lost his powers but gained new, electric, ones. He found a beautiful woman, whom he married, and had two adorable children. Today, John works as a history teacher and a part time Super-Hero known as Megavolt.

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