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The Losers - JoeyF review 1

After a deadly betrayal by a mysterious, “voice” that calls himself Max, five close-knit CIA operatives are forced to disappear, fall off the grid, and live defeated, non-existent lives.   Getting back at Max is essential what The Losers is all about.   Clay, the leader of the group, stages a revenge plot against Max, with the joint help of Aisha, a deadly woman who seeks revenge for her own personal reasons. Here, in 2010, we’re seeing a spiking re-emergence of these team-based buddy films, an...

6 out of 9 found this review helpful.

Wolverine 1

  X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not a character study, nor a source material adaptation, it is a summer popcorn flick and maybe, in some regard, it should be.   If there are any comic characters that prompt that type of film, perhaps it is Wolverine.   The major failures in this film is that it never attempts to explore any direct personality traits and subplots that shape as a consequence of Logan’s abilities, and instead sticks to clichéd action scenes and formulaic pacing of segmen...

9 out of 12 found this review helpful.