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NAME: Joey Beckham

ALIASES: The Champion of Magic, Champion of Zeus, Heir to Olympus, Zeus' Heir, The New Herc, Destroyer of Worlds, Prodigy

AGE: 14/26


HEIGHT: 5'4"//6'6"

WEIGHT: 108 lbs.//220 lbs.



SPECIES: Human/Deity

RELATIONSHIP: In a thing with Sentinel Hawk

FAMILY: Orphan

BRIEF Description

Joey Beckham was an ordinary middle school student living in the suburbs of Gothic City. He went to school, did chores, read comic books, all the stuff that was to be expected of someone like him, except for one day- when his father left him and his mother. Joey's family was by no means rich, but with the two different incomes his parents managed to make things work. But now, with the patriarch of the Beckham household gone, the mother and Joey had to fend for themselves. Enraged by his father's actions, Joey went out himself to go find his dad, in the middle of the night, alone, anger blinding his actions.

As he was walking through Gothic, a group of men abducted him- a secret cult of necromancers. They planned on summoning a demon within Joey, and after strapping him into a chair and muttering ancient chants, they were done- looking forward to the Underworld's Savior, Hades. Alas, they had failed in summoning a demon, and had (completely incidentally) summoned something completely different instead. Zeus, the Greek God of Lightning, was now a present force in the child, allowing Joey to transform into a Herculean entity, able to completely destroy the captors and run away to home- which, of course, the boy did.

For months, Joey kept this ability a secret, not displaying it in front of anyone. Deciding to just resort back to a perfectly normal life, Joey kept his abilities a secret, until his sixteenth birthday- when he realized that he had still not aged or grown at all since the night of his incident. His mother noticed too, and insisted that they went to see a doctor, but the doctor could find nothing wrong with the boy- he was perfectly healthy. Realizing that now he was considered a freak by all his friends, he refused to go to school, and after a while he even noticed a change in his mother's behavior. With little options left, Joey ran away from home.

Now, Joey Beckham travels all across the country, seeking a way to change the curse that was set upon him, and a way to return home peacefully.

Cray Cray Powers


SPEED: 2/7







The Herald of Zeus

Once every twenty-four hours, Joey can transform into what his adult self is supposed to be, the only way he'd ever reach that version of himself. This change was originally caused by a magical summoning within him, done by a cultist group of novice necromancers. Now, he is able to unleash the torrent of power within him, making sure to keep the Olympian God contained. This transformation is magically caused, and a huge bolt of lightning (about six feet in diameter) strikes him directly- the electrical energy surging through him, giving him his abilities and warding off any attackers that may be on him at the time. By the time the smoke clears, the boy is gone- and a tall, muscular man stands in his place.

Beckham's new form comes with some certain side effects, however. For example, Zeus the god is inside of his mind, constantly talking to him about how the body is only a fraction of the god's power. Joey has become quite skilled at suppressing the deity, who seeks to lay vengeance against the world that has forgotten him. The Champion of Zeus can only maintain his adult form for so long before he begins to lose control, and is forced to either shut down the body- resorting to his child form- or let the Olympian take over, so that he may seek to reconquer the world that was once his domain. Zeus constantly reminds Joey that there is nothing the boy could not do, if only he allowed himself to access his full potential.

When combined with the god he receives special memories. Images, that occasionally flash through his mind. These 'images' have shown him different forms of fighting styles from ancient Greece, and once in a while he is able to imitate the wrestling of Spartans or the grappling of Athenians, however he does not do it with nearly as much grace as the soldiers before him.


Of course, while in this Herculean state, Joey has increased physical performance. He can lift a hundred tons as easily as one can lift a piece of paper, but often shows restraint- not wanting to kill any of his prey. So far he has not been forced to fully exert all the way strength wise except for only one man (Exemplar), but desperately seeks the world for an opponent (evil of course) that would let him be able to do so. The actual limit of his strength is unknown, partially because he has no true way to test it on Earth and partially because he doesn't want to know.

Speed is another factor. With his increased strength he can propel his legs faster and farther, able to break the sound barrier with ease. He has only ever really challenged himself in this department once, and managed to actually surpass the speed of light in one instance. Whether he can replicate this is doubtful. This superhuman speed also carries over to his reflexes, as he is able to catch bullets with his hands (not that he needs to) and witness a hummingbird as if it was moving in slow motion.

Durability is the icing on the cake for this physical powerhouse. Joey can handle the extreme heat of the sun, or the extreme cold of deep space, without being affected (his most major reaction being 'damn, it's chilly out here'). The highest caliber of bullets merely crumble against his skin, and most explosions only provide light scratching. Indestructible weaponry does not fail to damage him, of course, and enough force can wound him. Even less amounts of force can harm him if he is unprepared. On occasion, he has handled up to millions of tons of pressure from underground, when a few tunnels had collapsed on him during 'adventures' in the mantle of the Earth, albeit it did significantly damage him.

Keep in mind, all of these stats are him in his halfway state, where he has dominant control over Zeus within him. If he so chose he could let the stronger power out- something that has never been done before.

Pew, pew, lightning attacks!

Being allied with the God of the Sky and Lightning has its benefits. Joseph is able to channel lightning, his prime example being his actual superhuman transformation. This calls forth a magical bolt of lightning, much thicker than any normal blast would be, that completely hits him head-on, actually engulfing the boy in electricity. That's where the magic part comes in, because afterwards he is a foot taller and can shatter mountains. It is only in his older state that he is granted control over the skies.

This electricity is different than what is usually rained from the skies on a cloudy day. Whereas the average bolt can reach up to 53,000 degrees Farenheit, Beckham's can go even beyond that amount, his highest showing being a magic blast that almost reached 200,000 degrees Farenheit. This is almost twenty times hotter than the sun, and if not for his distinct control of the substance it would melt almost everything in the immediate vicinity. Another interesting thing about his electrical power is the fact that Joey can send blasts that transcend the average distance, as he once recharged a satellite in space with his power from the ground.

Mainly, Joey can fire lightning at his enemies, and call it upon himself to 'charge him up' much like a battery. This can even be done on a perfectly sunny day, as the entity within draws forth clouds to fire the bolts. A variety of attacks hails from this power, as the boy has used it to charge up his fist before ramming it into the face of many powerful adversaries.

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The God of Sky has also granted him the ability to fly. This greatly helps him become a more agile fighter, as he can dodge blows by simply taking off into the sky at insanely fast rates. However, his true method of transportation lies with the ability to transcend into a bolt of pure lightning, with which he can travel as fast as lightning (but usually much greater). Using this he can go hundreds of times faster than light, and can go from one end of the solar system to the other in a matter of seconds.

Zeus Controlled Joey

Name: Legally, Joseph Beckham, however he does not answer to it.

Codenames: Olympian, Alexander, Leonidas... Any Greek name. Prodigy, Herald of Zeus, all his old callings.

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 475 lbs.

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Species: Deity

Wait, what?

For a couple of months, Joseph Beckham has been missing from the face of the earth, out of contact with any of his old friends and colleagues. During this period of time, he put himself through rigorous training, seeing it to be the only thing he could do that didn't either confuse him or hurt others. By pettily stealing from farms and abandoned shacks to rest in, Joey survived, each morning waking up and going to the bottom of the ocean to practice his body's capabilities. The boy-god, for a short time, was in the greatest shape of his life, the turmoil between his mind and that of Zeus' now completely subsided. And this, at the same time as it seemed to be an answer to a long problem, was a problem in itself.

Without an internal conflict with the King of the Gods, Joey's subconscious stopped fighting against Zeus' control completely, and vice versa. Both the minds in a perfect condition, they almost seamlessly fused into one, not changing into the monstrous god or the young man ever again. An odd side effect, the personality of this new figure is entirely alien to that of his former selves, albeit he still retains their memories.

New Powers/Abilities

The new Joey is stronger than his former self when it comes to physical might. His lifting power has nearly quadrupled, but his speed is greatly reduced to just below the speed of sound, and he's found himself with an inability to fly. However, despite all of this, Joey's durability has spiked, and his very skin seems to be completely invulnerable to even the slightest of bruising from the strongest of metahumans.

Lightning abilities have suddenly disappeared as well. Whereas once Joseph was a fond user of electrical manipulation, he can now only channel this gift from above with a large, golden mace that he wields in battle.