Mad-Lib Monday: FF #16

Joe is a very picky, and very slow, eater. So JoeC_Daddy and I sometimes spend that overtime on Mad Libs. They're stressless for us, they're silly for him, and they're screen-less for all. #WinningMom

The thing is, I had become bored with the same adjectives, the same adverbs, the same names of people in the room, etc. (It turns out that Joe is limited in his vocabulary and that JoeC_Daddy and I are limited in our creativity, at least at that time of day. Whodathunkit?) I thought that I could bust that boredom if I could sorta randomize the stuff for our Mad Libs, and I thought that I could sorta randomize that stuff if I could systematically take it from articles, books, … Hey, kids! Comics!

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