Top 10 Favorite Comic Comic Heroes

These are my top ten favorite comic characters. So it's personal.

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  • I'm one of those guys. He's just so cool, and a good character, when written right. He can easily be overdone, but with good writing, he's a well-balanced character.

  • Only, when he's a teenager. I find him very easy to relate to, and he's so cool. I like a sad stories, too, and Spider-Man is typically pretty sad.

  • Never really liked Barry very much. Wally's funny, and he's awesome when he's not being overpowered. Though, I usually don't like characters that take up another's mantle. It just irks me. Wally is an exception, though.

  • He's so much more badass than Hal. He's a marine, and he's awesome.

  • I don't know why I like him so much, but I do.

  • He's just so cool.

  • He's hilarious and awesome.

  • He's really cool, red's my favorite color, he's got atypical weapons, and I generally like the more aggressive characters.

  • He's just so cool.

  • He's hilarious and a badass. That makes for an awesome character.