My Top Ten Favorite Comic Inspired Cartoons

These are my top ten favorite cartoons inspired by comics. So this is all my opinion.

10. Spawn the Animated Series: It was very dark, very well-done, and had great animation. I just never got too into it, and it was not at all okay for kids,

9. X-Men Evolution: I am not all that into the X-Men, but this show put a different spin on it, and I enjoyed it. It could have gone on longer, but it got canceled.

8. Spider-Man the Animated Series: This cartoon was slightly more "grown-up" than most others. It was very good, and the first cartoon to look at Peter Parker's side of being Spider-Man instead of just the fighting. The characters still felt slightly stale, though, and the series ended in a cliffhanger.

7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003): This was another slightly "grown-up" cartoon. It was really good, but inspired ridiculous spin-offs that were mildly interesting at best. It started to taper off when aliens came into play, Shredder was revealed to be an alien, and Shredder's daughter (Karai?) came int the story. I eventually lost interest in the series before the spin-offs occurred, but I did return for their movie: Turtles Forever, which was awesome.

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (90's): This show was just absolutely ridiculous and awesome. I loved it as a kid. Though, I was surprised to see a character actually die after going through some painful experiences when I went back and watched a few episodes.

5. The Justice League: This show was amazing. There's not much more I can say about it.

4. Static Shock: This show introduced a new character that was not that well known. It was great, and it was one of the first shows that I ever watched and it got me into Superheroes. Granted, there were some things in the show that didn't make sense, different villains appeared that were very similar to other ones, and other things. Static Shock actually had a halfway decent end to the series. I put this above the Justice League for nostalgia mostly.

3. The Spectacular Spider-Man: First off, I was not a fan of the artwork. After a while, it did grow on me, though. I loved the deep look into Peter Parker's real life and struggles. It had great characters, and put a spin on a lot of Spider-Man's characters and story. I loved this show, but it had a very unsatisfactory ending as it was canceled.

2. Justice League Unlimited: It had everything the Justice League had, but with more of a plot, more characters, more storyarcs, and it was way deeper. I loved this show.

1. Batman the Animated Series: Yeah, I am one of those guys. I loved this show, and thought it was better than the rest.

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