My Top 10 Least Favorite Comic Villains

These are characters I really hate or are just lame in some way.

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  • He's nasty. His power set is kinda cool, but very poorly used. He is annoying, and... his power set taken as a whole is really lame.

  • I don't like the hulk to begin with, and I despise copy characters. He is an over-powered Hulk. If that is even possible. He's got more powers, and I just don't understand his purpose or... just him in general. He also started (I believe, but it may have been She-Hulk) the ridiculous number of copies of the Hulk.

  • Why does he exist? He's just so lame.

  • He's lame. That's all I have to say.

  • He's fat and nasty. He's not really intelligent. He's got no way of physically protecting himself. He simply relies on money and his hired goons and bounty hunters.

  • I honestly do not see how she's a beloved Batman villain, or hero, or whatever she is now. I do not find her attractive, and she just seems so lame. Her character is mildly interesting at best.

  • Well... I mean... just... ugh!

  • His character makes no physical sense and he's actually supposed to. He's so lame and overpowered while being really weak. Even his political and economic power is lame.

  • I actually like Shocker. I think he's badass, but he's pretty bland as well. His powerset is simple, and he is easily defeated each time he turns back up. He just never really has anything new to offer, and there's really no way to update him.

  • Okay, I actually love the Riddler. Anything featuring him as the villain is really good. However, his character is just so bland and makes almost no sense. Leaving clues for his enemy, really? He has an obsession? Okay, he's an interesting read, but seriously lacking in the competent villain department.


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You literally gave no reason for Penguin being lame, and he's much better in terms of villainy than Riddler and Catwoman. When you consider other criticisms you had for characters, you might as well of went ahead and put Joker or Two-Face on this list.