My Top 10 Least Favorite Comic Heroes

Personal list. While it is opinionated, some points are factual. This is also ignoring copy characters who I hate even more.

List items

  • I used to not hate him until I found out just how strong he was and how many powers he had. I mean can everyone in Marvel heal themselves now? He can tear planets in half, heal in seconds, see ghosts, jump into space, survive in space, doesn't tire, is very durable, etc. Honestly he turns into a monster that has whatever abilities he needs. I just hate it and find it lame.

  • You knew it was coming. He's got too many powers and he's overall pretty boring. He has a few good stories and is sometimes likable, but those moments are few.

  • My gosh. A super strong guy made of rocks. Sure it's sad, but that's never really delved into. He's just so bland and boring.

  • Tasmanian Devil as a robot. Gosh is he boring.

  • I know most powers make no sense, and his powers are actually pretty cool. But I just cannot take it that he can turn into really small and really big animals. Where does his body mass come from, where does it go? It just bugs me. And honestly, why doesn't he always turn into a t-rex when he's fighting? I know there are times when other animals are useful or when there is something like size constraints, but come on.

  • I actually really like his character, but he makes no sense. The times when a bow is more useful than a gun are very few. Also, his exploding arrows, some other trick arrows, and regular arrows are really the only useful ones. Who thought a boxing glove or plunger arrow were practical?

  • He has one power really. He shoots lasers from his eye. His character is also boring and annoying.

  • Is he powerful or isn't he? He can lift buildings, but can be hurt by a bullet. He's pretty interesting, but why does he call sharks when he can beat up enemies much more easily himself?

  • Why doesn't she hit people with lightning more? Her lightning is never portrayed right either. It either really hurts someone or just knocks them down. No! A lightning bolt will almost always kill a regular person.

  • Ugh. He's a silver dude that flies a surfboard through space. While, initially that seems cool, it is really kinda lame. Also, with his huge power set, how does he ever lose a fight?