My Top 10 Favorite Comic Villains

Personal list, though, some reasons aren't necessarily opinionated.

List items

  • Only when he's Eddie Brock. I really liked him in the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon because he had a more legitimate reason to hate Peter Parker. He's also really awesome, disgustingly evil, and has the power to back it up. He's also one of the few characters that has a reason to not kill his hero immediately: he wants to make him suffer, and it's awesome. He can also be quite comical.

  • He's hilarious, insane, evil, morbid, intelligent, and flat out nasty.

  • He is simply a badass and can compete with people well over his own power.

  • The original. He's just so scary and awesome.

  • He's scary and evil.

  • Intelligent and super-strong. Not a good combination in a villain.

  • He hates the world and has an incredibly sad back story. I just love him and feel sorry for him.

  • He's cool and has a sad back story.

  • Need I say more?

  • He's just really cool and kicks Superman's ass frequently.