Justice League of...

Okay, we all know there are multiple superhero teams: JLA, JSA, Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, Teen Titans, X-Men, etc. Frankly I would think it would be better if all the superheroes formed just one team, but that's not the point.

I had an idea. What if there Justice League group type things for heroes from other entertainment series? Picture it, take a stereotypical picture of the Justice League:

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And replace the characters with other ones. Instead of Superman flanked by Batman and Wonder Woman, you have:

The Justice League of Anime: Goku flanked by Aang and Edward Elric

The Justice League of Video Games: Sora flanked by Master Chief and Mario. (Or of just Nintendo: Mario flanked by Link and Starfox.)

The Justice League of Sci-fi: Yoda flanked by Robcop and Neo.

The Justice League of Literature: Aragorn flanked by Beowulf and Harry Potter.


(Another idea I had while writing this was: What if there was just a huge crossover between all the different series with a gigantic Justice League?)

What do you guys think of both ideas?


Is Iroh Jr. Zuko's son or grandson?

This question has come up several times. I like to think that Iroh Jr. is Zuko's son. The reason for people thinking that he is Zuko's grandson is because of a comment that he makes: "My grandfather would support the Avatar's instinct." or something to that effect. People hear this and think, "Why would Ozai support the Avatar's instinct?" If he was Zuko's son then Ozai would be his grandfather. Therefore he must be Zuko's grandson because then Zuko would be his grandfather and he would support the Avatar's instinct. Here's my reasoning for why he is actually Zuko's son. In the show, Zuko and Aang never really agreed on a whole lot. They disagreed all the way until the end of the show where Zuko thought that Aang should have killed Ozai. In my own opinion, I believe that Zuko would not be a good example of one to support an Avatar's instinct. But why would Ozai. Well, when Iroh Jr. refers to his grandfather, I don't think he's talking about Ozai. I believe he is talking about Iroh himself. Iroh would always support the Avatar. It makes sense because Iroh had always said Zuko was like a son to him and Zuko always said that Iroh was mor of a father to him than Ozai was. After the war, I think Iroh might have adopted Zuko or something similar. Zuko wouldn't want to be associated with Ozai anymore, and he would refer to Iroh as his father. That or people may have just come into the habit of thinking of Iroh as Zuko's father and not Ozai. Even if that's not the case. Iroh Jr. would probably never have been exposed to Ozai. He would have spent a lot of time with Iroh had he lived to meet him. Hence, Iroh Jr. would always have viewed Iroh as his grandfather and not Ozai. This is just what I think. There is no proof of this it is just something that occured to me.


The Dark Knight Rises Issues (Spoilers... Obviously)

First off I loved the movie, okay. I just like to talk about negatives. Anyway, who cares about my opinion? I'll tell you anyway.

Bane's voice was kind of jarring at first, but I got used to it. I did eventually come to like it.

Bane's reason for wearing a mask was he had some sort of pain, I think. I feel like they copped-out on that one. At first, I thought it was venom, but then realized about 5 minutes later that it wasn't. I didn't like that.

I hated that Bane was Ra's Al Ghul's daughter's puppet. It was unexpected and dramatic, but I felt like it made Bane seem so.... lame... I HATED it. Bane just seemed weird at that point. After Batman broke his mask Bane just sort of... stopped fighting. I understand he was in pain but come on. He survived through that pain while he was in prison. Then she fixes his mask in like 2 seconds and everything's all right. How does that work? Nothing even spilled out of his mask, so I just don't get it. Also, Catwoman got to shoot him? Didn't like that.

The football team was the Gotham Rogues and not the Gotham Knights.

The scene where Alfred saw Bruce was kind of... off. I feel like it would have been better if Bruce had been sitting with his back to Alfred, and Alfred had seen Selina's face instead.

The love scene was also kind of weird. I guess it sort of fit. It was unexpected, and I feel like it was just to quick of a turn-around from his pain over Rachel.

I also didn't care for the scene where Batman fought to get out of the prison. I didn't really get it. He's Batman! He can make that jump! It had something to do with spirit, or something to that effect. I didn't get it and didn't like it. I was hoping, he would find a way to cheat at the end, like run along the side, climb the rope, find a small thing to grab on, or discover some way that only a small child would have noticed. I don't know; I'm not a writer. I just didn't care for it. EDIT: Can't believe I forgot this. Bruce is supposed to be dead at this point. He was instantly recognized when he had come out for the first time in 8 years. How is he walking around Gotham without being recognized? Maybe he wasn't staying, but honestly, how did he eat a whole meal at a restraunt without being recognized by anyone?

This last one isn't much of a complaint. Ever since I saw the commercials, I had a feeling that John Blake was going to become Robin. What irked me was that you never got to see him as Robin, and at the end, you find out he replaces Bruce. Is he going to be Robin, Nightwing, or Batman? You never got to see what he actually did. It felt odd to me. Also, when they first said his name, I thought they said "Drake". So I thought he was Tim Drake. After hearing it a second time I thought it sounded funny. Then I realized they said "Blake" and that upset me. Also, his real name being, "Robin" that seemed lame.

EDIT: I also didn't like so many people knowing Batman's secret identity. Also, I feel like many people would have put it together that Bruce was Batman. Both are famous figures that disappeared at the same time and then reappeared again 8 years later.

Well, those are the complaints, I have off the top of my head. I'll add more if I think of them.

P.S. It's so sad that the Joker couldn't make a funny cameo. It would have made the movie SO much more awesome. I felt like the movie was odd with a complete lack of the Joker.

R.I.P. Heath Ledger.