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Job-Wan-Kenobi lives on a world known as Blob. It is inhabited by a race identical to humans, in fact all life is identical to earth's. The race of people has a flaw, though. They lack testosterone and are very meek and feeble. The government of this world is corrupt and its people are lazy. There are a few of these people that are not like this. Jobi-Wan-Kenobi is one of these people and his life goal is to defend Blob from any dangers, such as other testosterone packed people and aliens. He started the J.W.K.A.O.C. (Jobi-Wan-Kenobi army of champions) for this purpose.

Jobi-Wan is very cocky and enjoys putting extra flashiness into everything that he does. He wields an odd technological sword that is powered by some unknown source. When powered on its metal blade begins humming and can seemingly cut through much more than a regular blade. He is well skilled in using a sword and has a knack for using all weapons. He is easily angered and values his friends whom he is defensive of. He is very acrobatic and a formidable foe. He is quite intelligent and likes to insult people and play word games to mess with people's heads. He will not stand for any injustice and will never back down from any challenge whether it is evil or not. He wears a suit made out of aggregated diamond nanorod ,which is 3x harder than iron. This material also has the advantage of being relatively light, it has less than half the density of Iron.)

He uses a mind journal to record his thoughts. He sent this journal into space at the end of his life to teach other life about Blob. This journal was eventually recovered on Earth billions of years later.