My Top 10 Animated Comic Book Films

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Posted By TheCannon

Good list! Nice to see Wonder Woman in it's rightful spot.

Also, Superman vs The Elite is better than Under the Red Hood? I know what I'll be looking for!

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Posted By JLDoom

@TheCannon: Thanks! Don't get your expectations about Superman too high though. I'm one of the few people who liked that movie better than Under the Red Hood, which is to many the best DC animated film ever produced (and rightfully so)

It's overall quite great, but one warning: the animation and character designs suck. Superman looks very cartoony, as do most of the other characters in the movie, and the animation can get very shoddy at times. Not horrible, but not good either.

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Posted By KiranBal2

Superman vs the elite was my favorite

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Posted By JLDoom

@kiranbal2: I love that movie. I think people overlook it because of the shoddy animation but the story more than makes up for it.

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Edited By ableiman

Thought you might think this was cool (or weird). I turned this list into a channel on Fayve so you can see where each of these movies can be streamed -