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my top 10 favorite super-heroes

This is entirely my opinion. This is not popularity, this is not the most powerful this is 100% my opinion so don't get mad if someone's not on here. If pleas comment and tell me if you like my list or not. Tell me who you think should be on the list without getting mad.

List items

  • I think he is cool because he has no powers and yet is a successful superhero as well as being every criminal's worst nightmare. But the main reason is, because hes batman!

  • Something about him I find awesome. He is so powerful but his weakness is something easy to find (fire) so he is not to over-powered.

  • Deadpool is funny. I like him because he knows that he is in a comic book.

  • I like him as flash, not as kidflash I prefer impulse to be kidflash. Wally west is the best flash in my opinion.

  • The best archer in the universe. I really like the bow & arrow.

  • "Hulk, smash!"

  • "He throws his mighty shield!

  • People today call him Shazam! But I know him as captain Marvel.

  • My favorite Robin.

  • I loved that 1967 spider-man show when I was like 6. To this day I read his comics, and I like him as spoderman, LOL