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Broken Arrow, Part 2 1

If you're looking for a negative review, look elsewhere, because there is very little negative to say about this issue.Plot/Script: The issue opens with Leo Novokov, the rogue ex-Soviet sleeper agent, kidnapping a government scientist somewhere in New Mexico. This doesn't really seem to have any relevance until it is revealed a few pages later that the scientist is in fact Professor Rodchenko, a former member of the USSR's Department X program that turned both Bucky and Black Widow into Soviet a...

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A predictable end to this arc 0

Hulk has become involved in a revolution against an oppressive regime on Counter-Earth. In the previous issue, Man-Beast, who is the U.S. President in this alternate reality, executed opposition leader and nemesis Adam Warlock, who regressed into a cocoon like state.SCRIPT and PLOT. We begin by summarizing Warlock's execution and metamorphosis into a cocoon. Hulk, angered by this, takes the cocoon and escapes to Virginia, where he encounters other members of Warlock's resistance movement. They c...

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