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The Greatest Ladies From Fighting Games

I have always been a fan of fighting games but it seems that almost all (if not all) lists created by gaming sites do not include comic-based characters even when they deserve to be on the list. For now, I'll be focusing on the female characters, and who among them are the greatest in Fighting Games History. I have a basis of course , from their fighting style, character, popularity, appearances, the popularity of the fighting games, etc. My list is not 100% accurate but I hope it's an acceptable list. I'd like to mention that there may be some that you think deserves to be on the list but didn't make it, perhaps because they're new or the fighting game that they're in isn't that popular. And I'm planning to just give the Greatest 20. Hopefully, I'll add more in the future. The ranking will change if it needs to be changed, something like an update.

List items

  • Undoubtedly the most popular lady from Street Fighter, Chun-Li is also dubbed as the First Lady of Fighting Games as she is the first most popular female character in a fighting game and perhaps even now. Her most popular move is Hyakuretsu Kyaku in which you just have to keep on pressing one button and one of her feet starts kicking quickly and continuously. Chun-Li has come a long way as she has been in a lot of fighting games. In conclusion, Chun-Li is the Queen of Fighting Games.

  • The most known character in Darkstalkers, Morrigan Aensland is a succubus who is often considered as the most beautiful lady in fighting games, captivating the hearts of gamers, especially men because of her unavoidable physical appearance. She has appeared in multiple fighting games and is one of the most unforgettable as well as one of the most recognizable ladies in fighting games history.

  • Probably the most recognizable female character in Marvel Comics and the most popular black comic character, Ororo Munroe is a white-haired, blue-eyed mutant who uses her weather powers, thus calling herself Storm, to achieve Professor X'es dream, that humans and mutants can live together in harmony. In fighting games, she was known with several infinite moves including her 8-way lightning attack, meter building fly away, spammable typhoon and whirlwind, tagging her as one of the best, or if not, the best character to use in Marvel vs Capcom 2, could be the first thing to happen for a female character in fighting games. Her moves may have been nerfed a lot, but she continues to be a crowd-favorite, especially with her buffed hypercombo: Hailstorm.

  • The only character from SNK whose popularity reached to gamers who don't even play any SNK games. Who couldn't resist Mai whose powers are concentrated on her large cleavage. Any gamers would try to use Mai. She may not be one of the best character to use in a fighting game, but her name has clearly made a mark in fighting games history.

  • Despite of her absence in the latest Marvel vs Capcom video game, a lot of people care about Cammy White. She is a great character to use. If Capcom was successful with making Chun Li very popular, they were also successful with Cammy.

  • Why Kitana and not Jade, Mileena or Sonya? And why not put them all 4 of them @ #6? Quite Simple. Princess Kitana is more likable than Jade, more recognizable than Mileena and more interesting than Sonya. She's the most popular lady in Mortal Kombat and she's quite easy to use spamming her fan throws.

  • Nina Williams has been the female face of Tekken, the best-selling fighting game franchise as of the moment. She is the only female to appear in every Tekken game. And in 2008, the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition declared Nina Williams as the "Hottest Female Fighting Character" on their Internet poll.

  • In Darkstalkers, the women seems to be more popular than the men. And this time, I'm talking about its second most popular female character, the carefree Felicia who still dreams to become a big star someday. She will entertain you with her claws, meows and sexy outfit.

  • A lot of people recognized Sonya Blade because aside from being the first playable female character in Mortal Kombat series, she also has a unique and appealing look. She was the female face of Mortal Kombat series.

  • A few newer female characters from Tekken seem to get more popular than the old ones. And the girl who's been constantly being discussed is no other than Emilie De Rochefort, or more popularly known as Lili, who seems to be getting more popular in Tekken games. She is a wealthy girl who thirsts for battle and fights with elegance. She is one of the youngest human characters in Tekken and the tallest among the ladies at 6'4". She is also one of the best characters to use in Street Fighter X Tekken.

  • Who is Street Fighter's third most popular female character? She's no other than Sakura Kasugano.

  • Ivy Valentine is from Soulcalibur.