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My Favorite Characters From Naruto

Naruto is one of the best anime cartoon series I have watched and I can definitely say they have a lot of interesting characters. I was already employed when the Naruto Fever came and I could see a lot of my colleagues are reading Naruto comics online, and I really mean a lot of them. I couldn't watch it on tv because of my work. But I started to get hooked to Naruto stuff when i got the first naruto game on my PSP, which led to finding a favorite character and still my favorite until now. I'm gonna share to you my 5 favorite characters. So here they are.

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  • When I play fighting games, I really go for characters with long range attacks. And after days of playing the first Naruto game for PSP, I have become interested with how Shino's abilities work and his personality. i like him before and more now because he wears a cool jacket and I like wearing jackets especially if where you're working has a lot of air conditioners. Insects living inside his body may not sound good but hey, his insects are awesome and can absorb chakra. He is my favorite and will always be.