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Ingrid Street Fighter Tweet: https://twitter.com/streetfighter/status/633709191341973504?lang=en

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TTmdmxSEH0 / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcGTzDW0Sh8&feature=related






Ororo: Before The Storm # 1: 26,368

Ororo: Before The Storm # 1: 18,900

Ororo: Before The Storm # 1: 15,994

Ororo: Before The Storm # 1: 14,317

Storm #1 32,819

Storm #1 25,901

Storm #1 24,214 http://www.twitch.tv/mrfanatiq/b/312327486 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVr2HESjA-o

Storm #1 22,504 http://gallery.xcave.net/comics/marvel/rolo.htm

Storm #1 21,841 http://erinmikesell.com/theprettyexclusive/2011/04/daring-day-looks-women-x-men-storm-makeup/

Storm #1 21,507 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcGTzDW0Sh8 / umvcc3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVr2HESjA-o&feature=related


Make me one too.



[CENTER][IMG]http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/10/107222/2576527-1589950_storm06.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER] just square out the center.


Have Storm look on the opposite side and square out the small circle.

I'm mostly not a fan of non-canon issues but it's really exciting whenever there is a crossover. So I was thinking that if there will be again, which Dark Horse's Project Black Sky character would you like to have a crossover with the X-men?

I know most of you do not know any of them but you can check the link for more information. Or you may make a further research.

Blackout - http://www.comicvine.com/scott-travers/4005-99975/

Brain Boy - http://www.comicvine.com/brain-boy/4005-5609/

Barb Wire 0 http://www.comicvine.com/barb-wire/4005-49975/

Captain Midnight - http://www.comicvine.com/captain-midnight/4005-62053/

Ghost - http://www.comicvine.com/ghost/4005-25085/

King Tiger - http://www.comicvine.com/king-tiger/4005-44950/

Skyman - http://www.comicvine.com/eric-reid/4005-96771/

Occultist - http://www.comicvine.com/the-occultist/4005-85369/

X - http://www.comicvine.com/x/4005-44948/

You may also check the Project Black Sky character Appreciation Thread so you may know the opinions of their fans as to why they love the characters and who they like the most here: http://community.comicbookresources.com/showthread.php?176-Dark-Horse-s-PROJECT-BLACK-SKY-Ghost-X-Captain-Midnight-Brain-Boy-and-more!

Sentinel Strength

Admiral | Daelin Proudmoore

Beastmaster | Rexxar

Centaur Warchief | Bradwarden

Earthshaker | Raigor Stonehoof

Omniknight | Purist Tunderwrath

Pandaren | Brewmaster

Rogue Knight | Sven

Stone Giant | Tiny

Tauren Chieftain | Cairne Blodhoof

Treant Protector | Rooftrellen

Guardian Wisp | Io

Alchemist | Razzil Drakbrew

Clockwerk Goblin | Rattletrap

Dragon Knight | Knight Davion

Sacred Warrior | Huskar

Bristleback | Rigwarl

Phoenix | Icarus

Tuskar | Ymir

Legion Commander | Tresdin

Goblin Shredder | Rizzrak

Earth Spirit | Kaolin

Scourge Strength

Axe | Mogul Khan

Chaos Knight | Nessaj

Doom bring | Lucifer

Lifestealer | Naix

Lord of Avernus | Abaddon

Lycanthorpe | Banehallow

Night Stalker | Balanar

Pit Lord Azagalor

Butcher | Pudge

Skeleton King | King Leoric

Slithereen Guard | Slardar

Undying | Dirge

Tidehunter | Leviathan

Magnataur | Magnus

Spiritbreaker | Barathrum

Sand King | Crixalis

Sentinel Agility

Anti-Mage | Magina

Dwarven Sniper | Kardel Sharpeye

Juggernaut | Yurnero

Lone Druid | Syllabear

Moon Rider | Luna Moonfang

Morphling | Morphling

Naga Siren | Slithice

Phantom Lancer | Azwraith

Priestess of the Moon | Mirana Nightshade

Stealth Assassin | Rikimaru

Troll Warlord | Jah'rakal

Gyrocopter | Aurel Vlaicu

Drow Ranger | Traxex

Templar Assassin | Lanaya

Ursa Warrior | Ulfsaar

Vengeful Spirit | Shendelzare Silkwood

Bounty Hunter | Gondar

Ember Spirit | Xin

Scourge Agility

Bloodseeker | Strygwyr

Bone Fletcher | Clinkz

Broodmother } Black Arachnia

Nerubian Assassin | Anub'arak

Nerubian Weaver| Anub'seran

Phantom Assassin | Mortred

Shadow Fiend | Nevermore

Soul Keeper | Terrorblade

Spectre | Mercurial

Venomancer | Lesale Deathbringer

Netherdrake | Viper

Geomancer | Meepo

Lightning Revenant | Razor

Murloc Nightcrawler | Slark

Faceless Void | Darkterror

Gorgon | Medusa

Arc Warden | Zet

Sentinel Intelligence

Crystal Maiden | Rylai Crestfall

Enchantress | Aiushtha

Faerie Dragon | Puck

Holy Knight | Chen

Keeper of the Light | Ezalor

Lord of Olympus | Zeus

Prophet | Furion

Silencer | Nortrom

Slayer | Lina Inverse

Storm Spirit | Raijin Thunderkeg

Windrunner | Alleria

Disruptor | Thrall

Ogre Magi | Aggron Stonebreaker

Goblin Techies | Squee Spleen and Spoon

Twin Head Dragon | Jakiro

Tinker | Boush

Shadow Shaman | Rhasta

Grand Magus | Rubick

Skywrath Mage | Dragonus

Oracle | Nerif

Scourge Intelligence

Bane Elemental | Atropos

Dark Seer | Ish'kafel

Death Prophet | Krobelus

Demon Witch | Lion

Enigma | Darchrow

Lich | Kel'thuzad

Necrolyte | Rotund'jere

Oblivion | Pugna

Obsidian Destroyer | Harbinger

Queen of Pain | Akasha

Warlock | Demnok Lannik

Shadow Demon | Eredar

Batrider | Jin'zakk

Shadow Priest | Dazzle

Invoker | Kael

Necro'lic | Visage

Tormented Soul | Leshrac the Malicious

Witch Doctor | Vol'jin

Ancient Apparition | Kaldr

Winter Wyvern | Auroth

May 2009 Comic Book Sales Figures

93 X-Men Worlds Apart HC Amazon data for this TPB $19.99 Marvel 1,245

November 2009 Comic Book Sales Figures

69 X-Men Worlds Apart Amazon data for this TPB $15.99 Marvel 1,303

December 2009 Comic Book Sales Figures

298 X-Men Worlds Apart Amazon data for this TPB $15.99 Marvel 32

July 2011 Comic Book Sales Figures

266 X-Men Worlds Apart HC Amazon data for this TPB $19.99 Marvel 388

March 2012 Comic Book Sales Figures

263 X-Men Worlds Apart HC Amazon data for this TPB $19.99 Marvel 455

March 2013 Comic Book Sales Figures

189 X-Men Worlds Apart HC Amazon data for this TPB $19.99 Marvel 692


10 Things you should know about Celine Dion

1. Celine Dion was born on March 30, 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada, an off-island suburb of Montreal, located on the north shore of the Rivière des Prairies, 24 kilometers northeast of Montreal´s downtown core.

2. Celine's parents Adhemar Dion and Therese Tanguay have 14 children with Celine as the youngest. Denise (1946), Clément (1947), Claudette (1948), Liette (1950), Michel (1952), Louise (1953), Jacques (1955), Daniel (1956), Ghislaine (1958), Linda (1959), Manon (1960), Pauline and Paul (1962) and Celine (1968). This is probably telling us not to go for family planning. :)

3. Celine and her manager Rene Angelil (born January 16, 1942) got married on December 17, 1994. Their age difference only proves that when it comes to love, age doesn't matter. :)

4. Celine has 3 children, all through in-vitro insemination. Rene Charles Angelil born January 25, 2001 and twins Eddy Angelil and Nelson Angelil, born in October 23, 2010. I wonder who among Celine's children will be music-driven. :)

5. Celine's french album "D'eux" (released in 1995) is the best selling french-language album of all time, selling 10 million copies worldwide and the best selling album of all time in France (selling 4.4+ million copies in France). "S'il suffisait d'aimer" (released in 1998), the second best-selling french album of all time is also Celine's. Celine is the reason why I've learned a little french. :)

6. Celine Dion was honored a star in Canada's Walk Of Fame in 1999 and the 2,244th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004.

7. Celine has 4 US #1 singles and 5 Grammy Awards.

US Billboard #1 singles: The Power of Love, Because You Loved Me, My Heart Will Go On and I'm Your Angel w/ R. Kelly.

Grammy Awards:

Beauty And the Beast, w/ Peabro Bryson (won 1993) for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal

Falling Into You (won in 1997) for Album of the Year and Best Pop Album

My Heart Will Go On (won in 1999) for Record of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

8. It's All Coming Back To Me Now music video took place in Castle Ploskovice, Prague Czech Republic.

9. Celine Dion's height is 5'7.5" inches (1.71 m)

10. Celine Dion Parfums is a brand line of Celine Dion and Coty, Inc., with global retail sales of more than $850 million by March 2010, which makes it one of the most successful celebrity fragrances.





Complete Name: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter

Date of Birth: September 4, 1981 (Age: 34)

Born: Houston, Texas, USA

Number of followers on Twitter: 14.5 million followers ( ranked #93 as of 08/10/2016) ( Proof link: http://twittercounter.com/pages/100 )

Most Popular Facebook accounts: Ranked #26 with 64,642,091 likes ( link: http://fanpagelist.com/category/top_users/ )

Who has better records in US Billboard Charts? Check this link to find out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Billboard_Hot_100_chart_achievements_and_milestones#Top_10_songs_of_All-Time_.281958.E2.80.932013.29

Number of Grammy Awards won: 20


Complete Name: Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Date of Birth: February 20, 1988 (Age: 28)

Born: Saint Michael, Barbados

Number of followers on Twitter: 64.1 million followers (ranked #5 as of 08/10/2016) ( Proof link: http://twittercounter.com/pages/100 )

Most Popular Facebook accounts: Ranked #9 with 81,970,554 likes ( link: http://fanpagelist.com/category/top_users/ )

Who has better records in US Billboard Charts? Check this link to find out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Billboard_Hot_100_chart_achievements_and_milestones#Top_10_songs_of_All-Time_.281958.E2.80.932013.29

Rihanna has:

14 #1 singles, ranked 4rd with most #1 singles, just behind The Beatles (20 #1s) , Elvis Presley (18 #1s) and Mariah Carey (18 #1s)

Most cumulative weeks at number one: Rihanna is ranked 3rd with 60 weeks, behind Elvis Presley (79 weeks) and Mariah Carey (79 weeks)

Number of Grammy Awards won: 8


We all know some people feel bad about Justin Bieber because of what he has done. But can we try to justify what he did aside from he's still young?

1. Justin peed on a bucket, the janitor needs to change the water in the bucket and said f..k Bill Clinton. (July 2013)

2. Justin thinks he can get free gas cos he's Indian. (July 2012) -

3. Justin was arrested for drag racing while drunk.

4. Justin stepped on the Blackhawks logo which means bad luck.(July 2010)

5. Justin Bieber abandoned his pet monkey(March 2013)

6.Justin hoped Anne Frank would have been a Belieber.(April 2013)

7. Justin Bieber sweeps the Argentinian flag off the stage.(September 2013)

8. Justin spits on his fans(July 2013)

9. Justin Timberlake as

10 Amazing Websites You Didn't Know Existed!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWi-O6_DnVM

Elvis Presley

Michael Jackson


Elton John


Mariah Carey

Celine Dion

Whitney Houston

Taylor Swift

Garth Brooks


Billy Joel

Phil Collins

Frank Sinatra

Barbra Streisand

Bruno Mars

Kanye West

Bruce Springsteen

Lady Gaga

Justin Bieber

Katy Perry


Jay Z

Lil Wayne

Britney Spears


Rod Stewart

George Strait

Neil Diamond


Kenny Rogers

Paul McCartney

Janet Jackson

Julio Iglesias

Bob Dylan

Bryan Adams


Lionel Richie

James Taylor

Olivia Newton-John

Stevie Wonder

Tina Turner

Linda Ronstadt

Donna Summer

David Bowie

Barry White

Shania Twain

Johnny Cash

Nicki Minaj

Flo Rida




Allen Iverson

Bill Russell

Bill Walton

Bob Cousy

Bob Pettit

Charles Barkley

Clyde Drexler

Chris Paul

David Robinson

Dirk Nowitzki

Dominique Wilkins

Dwyane Wade

Elgin Baylor

Elvin Hayes

Gary Payton

George Gervin

George Mikan

Hakeem Olajuwon

Isiah Thomas

James Worthy

Jason Kidd

Jerry West

John Havlicek

John Stockton

Julius Erving

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Karl Malone

Kobe Bryant

Kevin Durant

Kevin Garnett

Kevin McHale

Larry Bird

LeBron James

Magic Johnson

Michael Jordan

Moses Malone

Oscar Robertson

Patrick Ewing

Paul Pierce

Ray Allen

Rick Barry

Russell Westbrook

Scottie Pippen

Shaquille O'Neal

Stephen Curry

Steve Nash

Tim Duncan

Walt Frazier

Wilt Chamberlain

Willis Reed




Based on the figures of this site

February 1996 CelineDion/Unison -

March 1996 Falling Into You - 28,100,000

October 1996 Live a Paris - 1,800,000

November 1996 Gold Vol. 1/Unison/Gold Vol. 2 -

February 1997 C'est pour vivre

July 1997 The Collection 1982-1988 - 600,000

November 1997 Let's Talk About Love - 29,800,000

September 1998 S'il suffisait d'aimer - 3,900,000

October 1998 Les premières chansons vol. 1/Les premières chansons vol. 2 - 330,000 / 195,000

October 1998 These Are Special Times - 11,900,000

August 1999 Au Coeur du stade - 1,200,000

November 1999 All The Way... A Decade Of Songs - 22,900,000

Total pure album sales = 100,725,000

Therefore it is possible that, from January 1996 - December 1999, Celine Dion have sold more than 90,000,000 albums (considering previous albums that have been sold within the year range and minus the albums release within the range but have been sold beyond December 1999)

Adding these info:

February 2000 The Early Singles -

October 2000 The Collector's Series, Volume One (Tout en amour) -

October 2000 Des mots qui sonnent/Celine Dion/À l'Olympia -

Definitely, in just 5 years, from January 1996 - December 2000, Celine Dion has sold more than 100,000,000 pure album sales.

I can still remember...

2nd day of our Orientation seminar at UHG. I was having a hard time what to wear because I felt so bad that I had to follow the dress code policy of UHG which is a "dress up" one. I was so confused, hurt, frustrated that I arrived 2-3 hours late.

After the seminar, my trainer called my attention to stay because he wanted talked to me why I was late.

Me: Because I can't accept that I have to wear something that I'm not comfy with. The Dress Up Policy is like putting me into jail. Taking away my freedom and happiness to wear what I want to wear. It's taking away my real identity and pretend to be somebody else. And why people like me, who doesn't like to wear tattoos have to suffer. I know tattoo is an art. But wearing the clothes that we want to wear is also an art. I just dont like to wear permanent designs, like tattoos. I prefer the ability to wear what I want to wear. Besides, however one defends it, tattoos don't make one look formal at all. And since the company allows permanent tattoos, isn't that like encouraging me to wear tattoos too? Do you want me to wear tattoos?

I was crying the whole time talking with my trainer.

And when I told my brother about what happened, my brother patiently told me not to get carried away with my feelings and added that it is what it is and that I have signed the contract to work with the company which includes following the policies including the dress code policy.

But I told him that it just didn't feel right. So Ive asked my brother

To the black people,

Just to give you a little info about our country. One of the earliest groups who lived in the Philippines are Negritos. I may not look like a Negrito especially that I have a fair skin tone but I definitely got the hair from them. :)

This is actually about the n-word that I'm still trying to understand. As history tells us, the n-word was used to belittle black people in America. ( I'm not really convinced that it was the only reason because the n-word is a gender-neutral word which is easier to use rather than use the gender specific terms. ) thus white Americans are not allowed to say the word and the rest of the people who aren't black

1. If the n-word is a very offensive term, then why do black people use it all the time? I mean if your ancestors are still alive, would they be happy to hear you all using the term? And if a black person is so comfortable using the n-word, why would he/she still get mad when a non-black people uses it?

2. Why can't present white Americans use the term? Are the sins of their ancestors being passed to them?

3. And why other races not living in America can't use the n-word too? Us Asians weren't part of what happened in the USA.

4. Doesn't it sound exaggerating and unfair that when a non-black person uses the n-word, we immediately conclude that he/she used the term with contempt and has to be tagged as a racist regardless of age and knowledge? Isn't it also too much to be offended even when the n-word is part of the lyrics of a song/book?

Somehow the n-word is not offensive to all black people and some black people also think that black people should refrain from using the n-word. So there is inconsistency within the black community.

Also, to think that your ancestors stayed in America, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that not all white people have mistreated them.

I understand there is still racism in the USA. There will always be people who do not consider black people as their equal.

White people may think that white people are the original owners (which would also explain bigger population of white people) of America and made America a dominant country. But black people shouldn'T feel bad about it. Black or white, you are all Americans, living in a powerful country.

But what I really wanted to emphasize is not to dwell on the past because the inequality in the USA will just make it worse. But rather dwell on the good things of what black people have become today. I know becoming a slave is not a good thing, but something good came out of it. Because of your ancestors sacrifices, black people become a part of America. Your ancestors have opened the gates to acceptance and dominance of black people not only in the USA but also worldwide.

Look at us Filipinos. Our country may have succeeded to remain as an independent country. But becoming part of the USA would have been a better decision. If the Philippines became part of America, we would already have popular Filipino American actresses, Filipino American music artists, etc. But surrendering the country


And why Americans should appreciate Barbra more than Aretha.

So why do Americans praise Aretha more than Barbra? I'm not an American but when I think about her, my mind instantly screams: "Aretha Franklin is overrated."

Well, because I love music for a long while, I get to learn and study

But let's break down and compare Aretha and Barbra and why Americans should realized they are praising the wrong lady.

Aretha Franklin born March 25, 1942

Total # of albums - 93 , first album in 1956

Total # of singles - 131

Total number of records sold -

Barbra Streisand born April 24, 1942

Total # of albums - 80 , first album in 1963

Total # of singles - 117

With the information above, comparing Aretha and Barbra would be very interesting since they were born on the same year. And yes Aretha has more numbers but does it weigh more than Barbra's?

Aretha - has 2 #1 singles in the US Billboard Hot 100 & 1 #1 in UK official charts

Barbra - has 5 #1 singles in the US Billboard Hot 100 and 1 #1 in UK official charts

Aretha has sold more than 30 million albums in the USA and prolly more than 75 million records worldwide.

Barbra has sold more than 84 million albums in the USA and more than 145 million records worldwide.

So with the above information, it's pretty clear and with a large margin than Barbra did so much better than Aretha in the USA and worldwide.

Barbra's example also proves that saying Aretha could have sold albums near to total album sales of Celine Dion and Mariah Carey if she also started in the 90s is nonsense. Barbra is Aretha's peer yet Barbra is able to obtain numbers somewhat near to totals of Celine and Mariah's. Barbra even has more total album sales than Whitney Houston. Barbra is also the top female singer on total album sales in the USA and is considered as one of the best-selling female artists of all time. The statement is not applicable to Aretha though. Selling more than 75 million records, 75 million records is not a extraordinary number for total album sales.

What does Aretha boast then?

1. 20 #1 RnB singles, a tie with Stevie Wonder, both having the most #1 RnB singles. But again, the major chart is the US Billboard Hot 100 so Barbra having 5 #1s while Aretha only has 2 only shows her songs charted better than Aretha.

2. Aretha has won 18 Grammys out of 31 nominations and an additional 3 Grammy Special Awards. Barbra only won 8 Grammys out of 43 nominations and an additional 2 Grammy Special Awards. I know Aretha should win on this category however Barbra still wins because if you'll check each of their list of awards, Aretha's awards are so little compared to Barbra's long list of awards and worth mentioning is that Barbra also won an Emmy Award, Oscar Award, Golden Globe Award an Academy Award and a Tony Award.

3. Aretha is #1 in Rolling Stones's 100 Greatest Singers of all time. Other list would also show Aretha ranking higher than Barbra. But again, judging one's voice is subjective. However we can still determine whose voice sounds better right? Unfortunately, I cannot say their voices are beautiful. It just isn't. Aretha's voice suits more on uptempo songs and is only considered powerful because she can hit higher notes. As for Barbra, her voice can only be considered powerful too because of great control of her voice as well as her operatic skills. But if I have to really decide whose voice sounds better, I would choose Barbra winning with just a decimal point higher than Aretha. But Aretha #1 greatest voices? That's too much. Christina Aguilera, Mariah, Celine and Whitney have better voices than her.

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul?

I know somebody would say Aretha sings her songs with soul. Unfortunately, I disagree. I don't feel her feelings when she sings her songs. She just sing songs using melismas/adlibs just like how gospel singers sing on their churches. And i've been through different churches which also have gospel singers and when they sing with soul, it shows on their faces. And I dont really see the sincerity on Aretha's face. Even on her YouTube videos, her face doesn't show vulnerability. If Nicki's strong facial expression is like "i'm the queen", "be brave", "i'll show you what i got", "i'm ready to fight", etc. Aretha is like "i'm the queen", "who are you?", "praise me", "you're nothing", etc.

I believe she only got that title because she was known a child gospel singer. You know gospel, somehow sort of connected to the word soul. But I've seen Celine , Barbra, Mariah, Christina and Whitney and even Patti Labelle sing with soul more than Aretha. I even feel she doesn't deserve the title.

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Shade?

Well, isn't Aretha also popular on shading other people? Even on Divas Live 1998, she couldn't stick to just sing her parts, she would sing the parts of the other divas and it was obvious Aretha sang Carole King's part. I still enjoyed her role on the show though, somewhat started playing as the villain, trying to lure Mariah to join her evil plan but because everybody else was nice to her, she felt the

So I hope my thread was informative and helpful in determining and evaluating what is right and what is more substantial in comparing A for Aretha and B for Barbra.

Did I convince you?

I want the brotherhood to remain a team of evil mutants who are not composed of the most powerful x-men villains.

Leader: (has mastered his powers fully (and can now create psionic barriers for others) The barrier only works in the outside, as a shield to any type of attacks. If you're inside it, you can control it (however Unus can remove it whenever he wants to), like if you're running or flying, it follows you, to keep you inside it so you will be protected wherever you go. The barrier doesn't work as a shield when you're inside it so if you throw something, it goes outside the barrier as if there's no barrier.

Co-leader: Fabian Cortez ( code name: Galvanizer )

Members: Pyro






A. Storm still is being written just like Claremont like Wood's X-men Gold, Extraordinary X-men, etc. It's just that sometimes, we see some Storm panels in which she would say some not-so-nice words and those are the ones that stick to ones minds because it's so un-Storm.

B. I have to disagree with you. Storm's powers is very vast, so I would rather say proper execution of her powers. Storm's been worshipped as a goddess and to become a real one, isn't it not a development for her part? It's not a gimmick.

C. Marvel has been planning Storm and BP pairing and because BP is a king, then of course, his wife will be called queen. I'd still say it was a gimmick because it was so rushed.

D. Losing a wife is not character development. Being a leader until he died is not character development. Changing views which isn't the X-men's goal is not character development. Oh so you consider negative things as a character development? Please check the meaning of the word "development" again.

Meanwhile, Storm may have a very short stint but at least, she became an Avenger. after marrying BP, she became a temporary member of the Fantastic Four. She had more appearances on other non-xmen books.