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 Jett Tyler sees his abilities as a gift...but in all the wrong ways. Where others saw promise, he saw profit. Upon finally learning to hone and control his abilities, Jett quickly dropped out of college and, with his friend Greg-began living life in the fast lane. Competing in local contests as an amazing daredevil. Later, after realizing the full potential of his power did he and Greg strike it rich, betting on sports games only to have Jett use his blinding speed to fix/rig them in their favor. But that all changed in one random act of senseless violence, when a down-on-his-luck gambler killed Greg after watching he and Jett reap the massive rewards of a recent bet. His friends death sent Jett into a self-destructive downward spiral that nearly claimed his life. By day Jett could be found defeating out-matched opponents at a local fight club, and by night he'd it wasn't unlikely to spot him in a local pub drinking away his sorrows and rewards. It wasn't until he came across others like him that Jett truly began to appreciate his life and slowly do away his old ways and lifestyle...although his self-centered and "me- first" personality continues to perpetuate and govern his overall decision-making