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  • Great humor, action character and fan service because why not. I really enjoy the interaction, the shipping and the character development they go through. While it did not end exactly strong, it was still enjoyable to read it to the end, and it did not left a bad taste in mouth like most long running manga do.

  • God dammit why is this not a thing in the US love this manga. It is what Akame Ga Kill try to be, a shonen mixed with seinen. While Akame Ga Kill was a great anime, I never felt like it mixed the two perfectly. That being said Ares does it perfectly. With great action, bloodshed and tragedy. I mean this manwha is pretty mess up. With lot of commentary on war, and the tragedy that comes with it. Some enemy are sympathetic, but not everybody, with some being straight up villain. Also no enemy turn to a good guy crap, with some rather sad death from the enemy side. Is a great war manwha that take place during medieval time. Is definitely a hidden gem.

  • Magi has always been a great adventure story, but the commentary is actually really great. I mean it talk about the benefit of war and slavery without trying to say is simply bad, but actually give reason why people are so reluctant to overturn it, while also of course showing the horror of slavery. It talk about anger, evolution, god damn economy.With some great political thriller. Also the shonen portion like the big fights and everything are great also. I just love the world building of the manga, and is just overall a unique shonen that managed to be the typical fun adventure with the character having a heart of gold, while also showing the danger of it with a other character. It manage to be unique instead of copying the same old formula.

  • This manga got me into the world of otaku. I did not even knew that anime were based off of manga. It open my world and my wallet to the vast anime and manga. Also it happened to be really great manga on it's own right even though hiatus is a pain and it has gotten too convoluted for what it is. That won't take away the crown clown moment which was the most badass on page moment in manga.

  • ONE PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3,2,1 lets GO. One Punch Man the most awesome book ever with great redrawn art, great humor and just a treat to read every time. While I love the anime, the manga is what I prefer due to the fact I can appreciate just how great the art is, an the facial expression instead of being distracted by other stuff. Just a funny action manga that I recommend to anybody.


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