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A howling good read! 0

This issue starts off very quietly with the X-Force team coping with the repercussions of finding the drug addled Rahne. We are fortunate enough to X-23’s narrative. I find that Kyle and Yost have a better handle on her inner monologue than all of the others. X-23 is perfectly portrayed as an individual who did not have a normal rearing experience and is on an emotional level developmentally delayed as a result. Glad to see the writers brought up an old coping mechanism of X-23’s tha...

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Fun setup. 0

X-Force #3 takes place in the aftermath of X-Force’s first mission, which ended up with Rahne’s abduction by the Purifiers. This issue is all about setting the final two issues of this arc and future arc’s to come. We see Bastion bringing together an anti-mutant cabal of sorts. For the reader, this cabal will either be a trip through memory lane or have you frantically searching Comicvine’s database to see who all of these characters are. Kyle and Yost further the mystery...

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A bloody good read! 0

Issue #2, gets right back into action revealing the fate of last issue’s cliffhanger. We are also introduced to a new character, Shield Agent Morales who appears in the aftermath of the X-Force mission, investigating what happened. Kyle and Yost continue to do a fantastic job of getting right the different characters’ voices and viewpoints. X-23’s internal narrative is that of a career black ops soldier. One would expect to see more of the girl who was in New X-Men. Yost and Ky...

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Great start to new x-book 0

This is the first issue of the new X-Force series. Pleasantly surprised that Marvel did not go with a moniker for this book such as Xtreme X-Force. Usually the first issues of new team books spend much of its time gathering the members of the team however this team was already established during the Messiah War crossover. At the end of Messiah War, X-Force was assumed to be disbanded with the death of Caliban and injured Hepzibah but here Cyclops puts them back together. The purpose of this team...

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Nightwing #3 0

The previous issue resulted in the death of Mr. Haly and the reveal that Dick is now the owner of Haly’s Circus. This is a transitional issue that deals with those events. It starts off with Mr. Haly’s funeral and show how other members of Haly’s Circus are coping with those revelations. The remainder of the issue has Dick continuing his mission to discover who hired Saiko to kill him and why Saiko has branded him as Gotham’ most dangerous killer. I continue to very much ...

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