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@Zoom: I figured that was the case, but thanks for the confirmation. So Starfire is just above Donna's low class-100 strength level. 
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@Bopper Girl: I've posted the early pics of her that I've found, but there aren't many out there. I'm hoping that an enterprising CV'er who owns comics featuring Arisia's earlier appearances might scan and post more pics. 
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@Sinestro2828:  Glad to be of help. The storyline you are referring to appeared in the 52 title. It may have since been collected into trades. 
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I don't know, I've already posted as many images of Arisia as I can find. Maybe not much is happening with her character at the moment. 

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Good question. Unlike most superheroes, Starfire's strength limit has never been quantified (i.e. can lift X-number of tons) by any official source that I can determine. Believe me, I've checked around. The only quantification I've seen is "has the strength of eight men," which is pretty lame by superhero standards. But that quote appeared very early in her history and I think it's safe to say she is actually far stronger than that. 
Starfire was always shown to be stronger than Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) when they sparred as Titans teammates. The problem is that Donna's strength level was not quantified back then either. Donna's origin has since been retconned into being a magical duplicate of Wonder Woman (Diana), so she's gotten stronger. Donna's strength is now in the low class-100 level, so she can lift around 100 tons under normal conditions. I think it's safe to say that Starfire is roughly on the same level. If she absorbed a vast amount of solar energy, she could temporarily become stronger than that. She could also temporarily become stronger if she flew into a berserker rage, which she has been known to do. So I'd say Starfire is a low class-100 strength character, with potential variables. A step below Wonder Woman and the Kryptonians, but still plenty strong. Anyway, that's my best answer. Hope it helps.  

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Yes, and poor Carol had every reason to be distressed! I actually read the storyline that led up to it (Avengers 198-200) beforehand, and I remember feeling outraged at what they had done to Ms. Marvel to write her off the team. She was supposed to be Marvel's most liberated and independent heroine, and they had her run off with a scumbag who kidnapped her, forced her to fall in love with him using mind control, impregnated her, and then she had to give birth to him as well! Then he instantly grew to adulthood and explained the awful things he did, and rather than being appalled and beating him to a pulp like he deserved, she abandoned her entire life and career to "be together with him" in another dimension. It was shameful writing and all I can say is that whoever wrote it must have really hated Ms. Marvel. 
Thankfully Clairmont recognized this storyline for what it truly was and gave it the conclusion it needed. I remember feeling vindicated for her when I read Avengers Annual 10, even though I was still dismayed by what Marvel was putting her through. She's suffered much more than her share of abuse over the years.  
It's frustrating that Spider-Woman is being pushed so hard by Bendis as Marvel's premiere heroine. Nothing against her, but I don't think she has nearly the depth of character that Ms. Marvel has. Why do Marvel's top hero and heroine both need to be spider-themed? 
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The Marcus rape storyline is very old (happened in the early 1980's), which is likely why you don't remember it. Like I said above, it was never retconned and is still a part of Carol's history. Shortly after Carol escaped from Marcus, she was attacked by Rogue -- in fact this storyline was Rogue's first appearance in comics. 
I love Ms. Marvel too, she is one of my favorites. She has a long, complex, and often tragic history but has always persevered through it. Marvel should realize that she is their version of Wonder Woman. It is unfortunate that her title was canceled and I hope she gets it back someday. 
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I agree with Xerox-kitty. Marcus Immortus stated himself that Carol had initially rejected him, and had he not used a "subtle boost" from his father's mind-controlling technology on her, Carol would not have slept with him. A real-life equivalent is using a date-rape drug on someone to make them more "compliant." It's still rape and just as immoral and illegal as physically overpowering someone. 
It also was not retconned out of the storyline. The new writer, Chris Clairmont, merely recognized it for what it truly was (rape via mind control) and brought the storyline to its logical conclusion.
As for how powerful Marcus was, he was the son of the time lord Immortus, as someone already stated, and had access to his father's super-advanced technology. But in a physical fight I think Carol would has smashed in his skull in seconds. She just wasn't prepared to deal with his mind-control devices at the time.  

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 I've seen Worf get taken down by Ferengi before. Not impressed. Spock may seem like a mild-mannered Vulcan science officer, but he is actually the bigger badass and he's not going to lose to a Klingon. 

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I'll say Spock in both scenarios. He's stronger and smarter.