it's stupid!

they make the movies for kids and fans of the comics, so why change it!? kids don't care if it makes sense and the fans' like the original story and characters! it really doesn't make sense at all

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uuh,does anyone read japanese?

some guy posted a comment on one of my vids on youtube in japanese. so can someone tell me what he's saying
これは、1973年頃の ゴジラ シリーズで出てきた、あまりぱっとしないロボットキャラクターの ジェット ジャガー ではありませんか。
 この投稿の実写のスチル写真で出てくる赤のタイプは、「 火 」 の纏 ( まとい ) を背負っているように、火消しタイプだったと思います。
 ジェット ジャガー を取り上げるなんて、なんと珍しく、マニアックな投稿でしょう。
 素晴らしい。 AH CRAP i just anwered the question of day instead of posting a topic


red tornado

i love this pic
i love this pic

it would never get hot,and he's a perfect tour guide  whereever you go cuz he has a computer brain..........and he can fly :D

jet movie

back when jet was first made toho liked him so much they tried to make him his own movie but things didn't work out so i'm going to think of some plots for the jet movie.there could be a clone war where jj and some other mosters take on an army of jj's.he could fight destroyah.he might go in space.he could fight with ultra man,spectre man and zone fighter.he could have a son but that would be cheasey.if anybody has any ideas tell me.

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