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Comic con Registration

So, i got up at 6 am, took my chemistry early, and skipped breakfast because today was Comic Con registration. This is usually a joyous occasion ( I think it is, I've only done this one other time). Well, today it filled me with annoyance. I would say rage, but I'm a little shaken from my no breakfast and chemistry test. Anyways, the server is apparently down and many people are angry, as they should be. This is like the third  time this has happened and it ticks me off. Hopefully this gets resolved soon and this problem is fixed. until then, i'm going to sit here in my dorm and pout a little...then maybe go to class

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I didn't realize he was so popular

I was at comic-con and while I was there, I went to the DC Focus panel hosted by Geoff Johns. It was a great panel and really reinforced why i like the guy so much. The surprising thing that happened though was that many people came up and asked about a certain red lantern: Dex-Starr. I had no idea that so many people loved his origin story and the character. It was incredibly entertaining how Geoff took it, even joking that along with his Larfleeze Christmas special, maybe he would do a Dex-Starr Valentine's day one shot. So, my question is, why is this character so awesome to people, I like him okay but he's not one of my favorite secondary characters (that would be Stel or Bzzd).


Comic -Con Help

So comic con is fast approaching and this is the first one I've been to. The only problem is that I've lost my bar coded letter. I've sent a message to the guys that supposedly help, but I haven't gotten a reply yet. Can anybody help me or am I up a creek without a paddle?


Let's do this

During my free time, when I'm not reading comics I read books (big difference) One of the more interesting books out there that I'm reading are the "Dresden Files". I'm sure a lot of people have heard about this series either through reading the books or through the TV. Anyways, for those of you who haven't, it's basically about a wizard detective solving paranormal cases. It's highly enjoyable. The main purpose of this entry today is to find those who have read this series and then discuss it. i noticed when I searched Harry Dresden on the site, there was one tiny description of him and one forum discussion going. So let's have at it. 

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There once was a time in my life when reading comics, playing video games, and watching movies were not that important to me. I call those days my productive days. I imagined myself as a Flash Thompson like person, jocky, cool, sports orientated (although, I wouldn't have known that, I didn't read comics then) I had grown up watching Batman, Spider-man, and others on TV, but at some point, my interests changed. That was probably when I took up sports. I played football and I think I was quite good. Anyways, to make a long story short, I ended up breaking my arm very severely, had to get surgery, and was not allowed to continue my life of sports. Thats when i got back into the magical world of geekery. During my recovery my dad bought me an Ultimate Spider-man comic to amuse me. I fell in love. Then, i went to stores around my areas(sadly, there are few) and followed that story line. At some point, I started picking up Batman, Green Lantern, Jonah Hex and the like. Spider-Man introduced me to comics but it was Batman and the like that sucked me in deeper.