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My Wish list of Injustice 3 newcomers

My wish list for characters of the DC universe who I'd like to see on the roster for a sequel to Injustice 2 in no particular order. Not saying I want every single person on this list to appear, but I'd be delighted to see most of them in a third Injustice installment.

Also, here's my list of characters who I DON'T want to see in an Injustice 3 here (Characters who should NOT return for an Injustice 3 (

List items

  • As someone who would be a pro-Regime figure and also a foil to what Superman has become in the Injustice-verse.

  • Time traveling nemesis of the Atom and Blue Beetle. Might have some interesting story potential by offering a sort of "Deal with the Devil" to undo the Joker's nuclear bombing of Metropolis.

  • Admittedly, I'm not sure as for what his accessory gear piece would be, but it would be entertaining to see what kind of mix up he would likely do.

  • Interesting to note that Ra's al Ghul was initially considered for being the main antagonist of Injustice before they decided to give that role to Brainiac.

  • I'd particularly like to see him as a main antagonist.

  • Worth noting he was considered for the roster of Injustice 2. Depending on how much of a impact a supernatural baddie has in Injustice 3 would especially make Constantine a warranted character on the roster. It would also be nice if he could be voiced by Matt Ryan again,

  • Artemis of Bana-Mighdall to avoid confusion.

  • As his own character rather than as a premier skin for Superman.

  • As a Pro-regime foil to Batman

  • The only Watchman character I'd want to be in an injustice game (no disrespect to fans of Rorschach) given that he has indeed appeared in the main DC Universe starting in 2016's DC Rebirth (and was involved in Flashpoint).

  • However, I'd like for the Question to be used as a Rorschach analogue (similar to how Question in the 2001-2006 Justice League cartoon model much of his personality on Watchmen's Rorschach).

  • Considering that quite a few characters have died, it would provide an excuse for those who have been killed (e.g. SPOILER ALERT FROM INJUSTICE 1: Billy Batson END SPOILER) to return to life.

  • AKA Azrael. Or Michael W. Lane, I wouldn't either.

  • Particularly if Ares is a main villain

  • I'd especially like to see him appear if Darkseid is present.

  • As a time traveler who would be a heroic foil to Chronos. Though I would only want BG in Injustice 3 if Chronos is also present.

  • Yeah, I know an obscure character, but I'd like to see how Netherrealm Studios would make her like, similar to how Enchantress was done.

  • I'd especially like her to be voiced by Kelly Hu (who also voices her in the TV show Young Justice).

  • Trigon would make a nice Big Bad for a third installment, especially if his daughter, Raven, returns for it.

  • Considering that the Injustice-verse Green Arrow has passed away (and Batman has had to go across other parallel universes to recruit still living GAs), I'd like for him to be able to have a spot on the roster taking part in the story of a game (and of course a moveset with his own touches).

  • AKA Atomic Skull

  • As his own character rather than being a premier skin for Raiden

  • As a villainous foil to Batman, but having the distinction of some degree of superpowers, he would also make an interesting addition on Injustice 3's roster.

  • As a character in the main games, not on mobile platforms

  • Accompanied by other members of the Extremists (namely Tracer and Dr. Diehard). It would be a nice little homage to Marvel comics (and some humorous ribbing of the Marvel vs Capcom series)

  • A fairly new character introduced in 2014. However, it is worth noting that Netherrealm studios was seriously considering her for the roster of Injustice 2.

  • Given that the Joker is become a bit overused, considering that he has been in both Injustice games and also be a DLC guest character in Mortal Kombat 11, I'd think he should sit out Injustice 3 and let a similar character, but with a few unique quirks of his own, have a chance to shine.

  • Given that the 2021 film The Suicide Squad has given him quite a bit of increased popularity, it would be nice to see him in an Injustice game.