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Jesse Brit was born in London, England. His mother is Joanne Brit, otherwise known as Cascade. His father is John Brit, the owner of Brit Corp. Also, he has a brother named Johny who let his family when Jesse was born but is now fine with Jesse. When jesse was five he met his best friend Alfred Swits. Thr Swits and the Brits have been friends generations. Not to long after the two met they wen't in to the forest once and the two stopped at a tree to take a break when Jesse accidentally burned down a tree with fire that he shot right out of his hands. Then some how Alfred brought the tree back to life. Not long after that Jesse met a strong yet dim witted boy named Nigal Rance. Nigal would always try to rough up Jesse but Jesse would always ignore him. Finally Nigal said that he would stop if Jesse would be his friend and Jesse accepted. Then after Jesse met Nigal he met the beautiful and smart girl named Susan Ger. Susan would have a crush on Jesse from the first time that they met. Everyone, except Jesse, knew that Susan liked Jesse. Then when the four were in highschool they met Samuel Dawson who moved from Haddon Heights, New Jersey which is located in the United States of America. Samuel liked to think about fun idea's and draw adventures about super heroes. When Jesse finished highschool he got a buisness major and went to one of the best colleges in all of England. When he finished college he and his friends made the group J.A.N.S.S. He lives in his own apartment which is owned by his father. He works for Brit Corp. sometimes but his father gives him money because he feels that he does not spend enough tim with his son and his other family.