Top 5[heroes]

My top five favorite heroes.

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  • Batman



    Powers: None,but seemingly superhuman will.

    Skills: Martial artist,World's Greatest Detective,Agility,Weapon expert,marksman,stealth of a ninja,knows many foreign languages,escape artist,scientist in many fields,and master tactician

    Origin: After his parents were murdered in Crime Alley,Young Bruce Wayne vowed to rid the world of villainy and wage a war upon criminals and he traveled the world to learn from the greatest masters 127 forms of combat. He used his advanced knowledge and wealth to develop many technological gadgets. Bruce Wayne became the Batman after seeing a bat come through his window stalking criminals and instilling fear into the criminal underworld.

    Why I like him as a hero: He represents the hero people can be if they strive to be. He has many cool skills and is very devoted to his cause,striking fear into criminals. Unlike other heroes I actually look up to him. When I think of giving up, sometimes I think , Batman would never give up.

  • Rorschach




    Skills: Expert fighter,skilled in gymnastics,weapon expert,stealth,expert tactician,lock picker,escape artist,and skilled in literature and religion

    Origin:Walter Kovacs was born into a divorced family and never knew his father and lived with his prostitute mother. When he was picked on by two older kids about his mother being a prostitute and asking Walter if they could hook them up with her and called him whoreson,and Walter savagely attacked the tw and beat them he was later sent to a school for troubled children where he got a good education in literature,religion,boxing,and gymnastics. He later worked at a garment factory where a woman complained about her dress. Walter saw it as beautiful and made it into a mask symbolizing the black and white of society.He later punished criminals as the hero,Rorschach.

    Why I like him as a hero: He is deply devted to punishing evil. Rorschach is very consevative. He sees what society truly is like the Comedian bt he chooses to be against it and not a parody of it.

  • Wolverine


    Weight:300lbs[with adamantium] 200lbs[without]

    Powers: Able to regenerate from any injury almost instantely,animal like senses and reflexes,agility,incredible stamina,and unable to be under the influence.

    Skills:Martial artist,swordsman,marksman,and expert in military operations.

    Origin:James Howlett developed mutant powers at a young age especially compared to how old he is.He joined the military and was in the Revolutionary War,Civil War,WWI and II and the Vietnam War. He was later taken in by a group called Weapon X and enlisted in an experiment that would give him adamantium laced bones and claws and he went on a rampage and escaped and joined various teams most notebly the X-Men.

    Why I like him as a hero: He has a cool attitude and is indestructible but he does not possess super human stregnth which is cool because I never like people that are too powerful like Superman.

  • Green Lantern[specifically Hal Jordan]


    Weight:195lbs [I think]

    Powers: Has power ring capable of enabling super stregnth,increadible speed,detecting and can be used to communicate with people of other languages, creating force fields,and flight. He can also create any weapon or object conceivable.It can be used to phase through objects. He can levitate others and fire blasts of concussive force.

    Skills:Skilled in hand to hand combat,a brilliant test pilot and tactician.

    Origin: Abin Sur gave his ring to a test pilot that deemed worthy of the ring when Hal Jordan crashed his plane he received the ring and became a green lantern. As a guardian of the galaxy he fight evil as Sector 2814.

    Why I like him as a hero: I respect willpower,plus he's just cool in his own way. He has cool powers.

  • Ironman



    Powers:Super stregnth,duarability,flight,and a big variety of gadgets equipted in it like: repusor beans,uni-beams,sonic amplifier,radar scanner,tasers,magnetic transmitor other suits have specialty purposes.

    Skills:Genius level intellect which he uses for inventive and tactile purposes and was trained in combat by Captain America,my second favorite avenger.

    Why I like him as a Hero: He is powerful while having a human side to him. He has a cool attitude.