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Arkham Asylum

The Inmates of the famous Asylum of Gotham City.

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  • The location of the world's craziest criminals from this side of the DC universe.The Asylum was founded by Jerimiah Arkham. The security can hardly keep things in check if an inmate breaks loose. The Asylum has managed to cure Harvey Dent on an occasion replacing his coin with tarrot cards. Joker is said to be uncurable and is said to have super sanity.Joker has taken over the Asylum before. The prisoners have to be watched constantly. Zsasz is secury held down at all times and Ivy is surrounded by glass that makes her pheremones not able to affect people on the other side.

  • Joker Information: A man of mixed origins. One tale says he was a failed comedian that turned to crime,divorced husband that went mad,and some people believe he was possessed by a demon. He said he was abused as a boy that might have caused his insanity. Joker has demonstrated good unarmed combat,marksmanship,strategist,and chemist skills. Joker is suprisingly agile and strong. He is an unpredictable opponent and remains one of Batman's most dangerous foes.

  • Two-Face Information: District Attorney turned maniac due to chemicals being splashed on his face during a trial. He has got multiple personality disorder.He is skilled in hand to hand combat and is a criminal mastermind.Two-Face is also good at using firearms.He is one of Batman's most dangerous crooks.

  • Scarecrow Information: Johnathan Crane is a trained psychologist and chemist. He is addicted to instilling terror in people.He has created his own fear toxin used to strike fear into people.Crane has occasionally demonstrated good combat but usually has terrible fighting skills. He has made the crane style.

  • Poison Ivy Information: She is bent on destroying all human life so plants can live. Ivy can enslave men with her pheromones and control plants. She has a poisonous kiss,and is somewhat formable in combat. She is a skilled botanist and is intelligent.

  • Bane Information: A great military strategist,fighter,and madman. Bane is bent on breaking the Batman and is dependant on a super drug named Venom that endows him with super stregnth. Bane knows many differant languages and created his own fighting style. He has been a possible heir for Ra's Al Ghul.

  • Killer Croc Information: Waylon Jones is a freak with a skin disease endowing him with super stregnth and bullet proof skin. He is a good street fighter.

  • Black Mask Information: He is a crazy man bent on revenge on the Wayne family. He is very dangerous and intelligent.

  • The Riddler Information: Edward Nygma or Nashton has a genius level intellect and is one of Batman's smartest enemies.He has the compulsion to match wits with people by making them solve his riddles and or puzzles.He has poor combat skills but is a good marksman.

  • Harley Quinn Information: She is the Joker's crazy girlfriend.She is very agile.

  • Mr.Freeze

    Information: Victor Fries went mad when his wife died,and became a man only able to live in sub zero temperatures and wields a freeze gun and a stregnth enhancing suit.

  • FireFly Information: He is a pyromaniac with armor, flight pack and flame thrower.

  • Amadeus Arkham

    Information: Doctor that founded Arkham Asylum.He later became insane.

  • Jeremiah Arkham Information:Relative of Amadeus Arkham;he continued in the footsteps of Arkham.

  • The Mad Hatter

    Information: Jervis Tetch is a schizophrenic and has an obsessive compulsion for hats and stories from Lewis Carrol. He has mind control technology. He is a dangerous addition to the Asylum.

  • Preston Payne Information: A clayface that spent his time in Arkham.

  • Doctor Destiny

    Information: An inmate who can enter people's dreams.

  • Professor Milo Information:Inmate at Arkham that can take over minds.

  • Maxie Zeus Information: He has the delusion that he is Zeus.

  • Hugo Strange Information: Crazy pshycologist that stays at Arkham.

  • Great White Shark Information: He went to Arkham on plee of insanity , but realized that that wasn't the best of ideas and became the Great White Shark. He's a boss of organized crime.

  • Mr.Zsasz

    Information: Zsasz is a deadly serial killer who perceives life as pointless and wants to help people by taking there life and leaving a mark on his body for each kill. He is a deadly inmate of the Asylum and wields a knife and sharp intellect.

  • Cornelius Stirk Information: A nut that makes stews out of people and has hypnotizing abilities.

  • The Ventriloquist

    Information: Arnold Wesker has delusions that his puppet ,Scareface, talks to him. He is one of Arkham's least deadly.

  • Tweedledum Information: Inmate obsessed with Alice and Wonderland.

  • Tweedledee Information: Inmate obsessed with Alice and Wonderland.

  • Maddog Information: A nut that went to Arkham during the 20s.

  • Killer Moth Information: One of Batman's enemies. He wears a moth suit.

  • Film Freak Information: He is obsessed with films,and had a short career when he was killed by Bane.

  • The Cavalier Information: A madman with fencing skills.

  • Humpty Dumpty

    Information: Humpty Dumpty has a compulsion to figure how things work and how to fix things. He is not a very deadly inmate.

  • Doodlebug

    Information:Artistic villain in Arkham.

  • Dr.Cavendish

    Information: Guy who worked at Arkham and went insane.

  • Ruth Adams

    Information: Psychiatrist who slit Dr.Cavendish's throat.

  • Aaron Cash

    Information:Cop who looked after inmates at Arkham; got his hand bitten off by Killer Croc.

  • Three villains that dressed up as animals. A fox,a vuture,and a hammerhead shark.

  • Went to Arkham once before.