The Greatest World United Team

Heroes of a word united. Each member stands for thier country.  
United States:Captain America 
United Kingdom:V 
Gemany:Hooded Justice 
France:Henri Ducard 
Nigeria:Black Panther 



I respect Batman for his willpower. He has travelled all over the world to learn various martial art forms, 127 to be exact, to punish the scum of Gotham and the world. Though his wealth isn't self made like Ozymandias it might as well could be. He ranks up with the World's Greatest Superheroes with the help of his great skills and can defeat nearly anyone including Superman at times. He barely ever sleeps so he can pursue crime by night . He still has a daytime life as his mask,Bruce Wayne. He puts a good charade as an iresponsible billionare playboy, he's everyone Batman isn't. He has built himself physically as well as mentally. He represents the hero people could try to be but might end up going crazy on the way, BruceWayne is one of the lucky ones that doesn't go crazy.


  I have already made a Rorschach respect blog but the other was allitle messed up. I think Rorschach should be respected unlike how he has in the recent forums I have been investigating and arguing with others about.. He is a man to be respected of his beliefs in preserving morals of New York's civillians. He sees society and hates it and should. Society is morally blank he just shows that it must be put down. I'm a christian and believe that revenge of the wiked is of the Lord's but it isn't bad to help out. Criminals get out of jail with little punishment due to the liberal government they let them get out freely. I have seen kids that go to court all the time at school but I see them back in school next couple days this isn't right. He also has an extremeforce of will in beliefs and physical endurance being able to keep himself awake for days to find a link to his mask killer theory. More people need to not be afraid of the press like: Michael Savage on the Micheal Savage Show or Fox News sometimes on how they talk about the true monster our president is. " There is good and there is evil and evil must be punished." What truth this is. He also doesn't try to blame GOD which I respect ,he believes it's only our fault and it truly is our fault. "It is not GOD who kills the children not fate that butchers them not destiny that feeds them to the dogs it is us and only us."
The only questionable thing in my opinion that he has done is throw the fake villain, Captain Carnage down an elevator shaft. He does what the cops can't.  
About everyone he has killed he's justified in doing so. Disgusting rapists,and child killers deserve to die IMO.