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Is it alright to define a character twice in two different ways? I'm specifically thinking about the East of West, which features The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which is a public domain concept. It makes sense to me to list all four public domain characters (Death, Famine, Conquest, and War) as characters in East of West so that it shows up when viewing the public domain versions of the characters, but I would also like to create a version of each of the four characters that is specific to East of West and marked as an Image character.

All of this would mean, for example, that Death would be listed on East of West twice (once as the public domain version, and once as the Image character version.) I know that would mean redundant linking, but it would also make it easier to find East of West through the broad, public domain concept of each character, as well as listing the Image specific characters since they have very specific colors, traits, allegiances, etc. that do not pertain to the public domain versions.


Sorry if this has already been covered. I did search, but wasn't able to track down a response. I'm new to the scene, so be gentle. ;-)