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Top 3: Ways Warner Bros. can make Superman Work on the Big Screen

Please Note: I’m addressing this to all of the workers at Warner Brothers (Mostly from the higher-ups).

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Folks, Superman’s one of the greatest and most recognizable superheroes in pop culture. He has been in comics, cartoons, literary novels, tv shows, and most of all, movies. As of lately, Warner Bros. had difficulty adapting him onto film. Then WB stated that he’s not "relevant" for modern audiences; when clearly, Superman is not "relevant" to Warner Bros. So, I’m here to solve this cinematic problem giving them the top three things Warner Bros. can make Superman Work on the Big Screen.

1. Make a 3D animated movie based around Superman

We’ve seen Animated movies from the small screen to straight to DVDs/Blu-rays that starred Superman. So why not have a 3D animated movie in theaters.

  • Give him the Pixar/DreamWorks treatment.
    • I believe their animation department can pull this off.
  • I once stated in my previous post that Brad Bird should be directing this film.
    • Since he directed
      • The Incredibles
      • Iron Giant.
    • This is a good way to not only introduce Superman to the younger audience, but the older audience that's new to Superman.

2. Make Live-Action Superman movies outside of the DCEU.

This is where Warner Brothers can go far from the DCEU continuity. Let the filmmaker’s imagination go wild. They so many Elseworld Superman stories they can adapt to the cinema. Could you imagine if they made a live-action movie based around

  • Injustice,
  • Red Son,
  • All-Star Superman,
  • Perhaps a Kingdom Come movie Starring Bandon Routh return as Superman?

JJ Abrams wanted to make a Lor Zod movie he’s been talking about. The possibilities are endless.

3. The soft reboot of Superman DCEU

Let’s address the elephant in the room. The entire “Phase 1” of the DCEU was a hot mess. Including the build-up towards the Justice League movie (except for films like Wonder Woman and Man of Steel). Speaking of which, now Man of Steel is one of my favorite movies, but it lacked the wholesome, heartwarming, inspirational elements that makes Superman, Superman. Plus, he was never gotten a proper sequel. Unless you count Batman V Superman as a sequel.

So, my suggestion, in “Phase 2” of the DCEU,

  • Henry Cavill should return as Clark/ Superman,
  • Make an appearance in Shazam 2.
    • Both him and Shazam fighting each other and fighting together against Black Adam.
  • Then we get to Man of Steel 2.
    • Take inspirations from Superman’s Rebirth run.
      • Where Clark is balancing life between being Superman and being a husband/Father while raising his son Jonathan Kent alongside Lois.
    • I don’t know who the villain should be. My three choices.
      • Manchester Black w/The Elite
      • The Eradicator
      • Metallo
    • Recast Lex Luthor and make him President of the United States.
    • Have a filmmaker who understands both Clark Kent and Superman. The same can be said for his supporting characters.
    • In addition, have Zack Snyder produce the film.
    • Most of all, Bring back the hope aspect of Superman.

There you have it, three ways Warner Brothers can make Superman work on the Big Screen.

I made this list because I want Superman to make a comeback in movies. I want WB and the filmmakers to try to make a good Superman movie without comprising. And get the respect that he truly deserves. That's just how I feel. Tell me what you think. Is there anything like add on the list?

Spread the word. Please share this with Warner Bros. They need to see this. I will be doing my part. Until then, Stay tuned and stay safe.

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