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Top 3: Ways Warner Bros. can make Superman Work on the Big Screen

Please Note: I’m addressing this to all of the workers at Warner Brothers (Mostly from the higher-ups).

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Folks, Superman’s one of the greatest and most recognizable superheroes in pop culture. He has been in comics, cartoons, literary novels, tv shows, and most of all, movies. As of lately, Warner Bros. had difficulty adapting him onto film. Then WB stated that he’s not "relevant" for modern audiences; when clearly, Superman is not "relevant" to Warner Bros. So, I’m here to solve this cinematic problem giving them the top three things Warner Bros. can make Superman Work on the Big Screen.

1. Make a 3D animated movie based around Superman

We’ve seen Animated movies from the small screen to straight to DVDs/Blu-rays that starred Superman. So why not have a 3D animated movie in theaters.

  • Give him the Pixar/DreamWorks treatment.
    • I believe their animation department can pull this off.
  • I once stated in my previous post that Brad Bird should be directing this film.
    • Since he directed
      • The Incredibles
      • Iron Giant.
    • This is a good way to not only introduce Superman to the younger audience, but the older audience that's new to Superman.

2. Make Live-Action Superman movies outside of the DCEU.

This is where Warner Brothers can go far from the DCEU continuity. Let the filmmaker’s imagination go wild. They so many Elseworld Superman stories they can adapt to the cinema. Could you imagine if they made a live-action movie based around

  • Injustice,
  • Red Son,
  • All-Star Superman,
  • Perhaps a Kingdom Come movie Starring Bandon Routh return as Superman?

JJ Abrams wanted to make a Lor Zod movie he’s been talking about. The possibilities are endless.

3. The soft reboot of Superman DCEU

Let’s address the elephant in the room. The entire “Phase 1” of the DCEU was a hot mess. Including the build-up towards the Justice League movie (except for films like Wonder Woman and Man of Steel). Speaking of which, now Man of Steel is one of my favorite movies, but it lacked the wholesome, heartwarming, inspirational elements that makes Superman, Superman. Plus, he was never gotten a proper sequel. Unless you count Batman V Superman as a sequel.

So, my suggestion, in “Phase 2” of the DCEU,

  • Henry Cavill should return as Clark/ Superman,
  • Make an appearance in Shazam 2.
    • Both him and Shazam fighting each other and fighting together against Black Adam.
  • Then we get to Man of Steel 2.
    • Take inspirations from Superman’s Rebirth run.
      • Where Clark is balancing life between being Superman and being a husband/Father while raising his son Jonathan Kent alongside Lois.
    • I don’t know who the villain should be. My three choices.
      • Manchester Black w/The Elite
      • The Eradicator
      • Metallo
    • Recast Lex Luthor and make him President of the United States.
    • Have a filmmaker who understands both Clark Kent and Superman. The same can be said for his supporting characters.
    • In addition, have Zack Snyder produce the film.
    • Most of all, Bring back the hope aspect of Superman.

There you have it, three ways Warner Brothers can make Superman work on the Big Screen.

I made this list because I want Superman to make a comeback in movies. I want WB and the filmmakers to try to make a good Superman movie without comprising. And get the respect that he truly deserves. That's just how I feel. Tell me what you think. Is there anything like add on the list?

Spread the word. Please share this with Warner Bros. They need to see this. I will be doing my part. Until then, Stay tuned and stay safe.

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Top 3: DC Characters that deserve their own Telltale Game

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So Telltale is making a Batman game that’s coming out in 2016. My question was, why? Why not other DC characters? Besides, we already know the story of Bruce Wayne/Batman while playing the Arkham Series. It’s time to give others a chance. So here’s my Top 3: Characters that deserve their own Telltale Game. Counting down from from 3 to 1

3. John Constantine

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Magic, angels, demons, heaven, hell. Oh and one chain smoking, trench coat wearing, golden-tongued hellblazer himself. solving crimes as an occult detective. What more can you say? You play as John Constantine (And no, not the Keanu Reeves version. Although I’m not complaining).

2. Batwoman

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Instead of having another Batman game, why not a Batwoman game? She a fan favorite in some aspect. You can explore the story as both the life of Kate Kane and Batwoman as she deals everyday life while solving cases, battling criminals. Hell, Batman could make a cameo appearance.

1. The cast of 52 series

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Look I know this is cheating, but I think this would be a good concept for a Telltale game. Set in the events after Infinite Crisis that spans a whole year without Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. As you dive deep into the perspectives of Booster Gold, Renee Montoya, Steel, Black Adam, and so much more and their stories. Based on the critically acclaimed series 52.

So there you have it my top 3 for a telltale game. Tell me what you think.

While your at it, comment down below and tell me which DC character deserves their own telltale game.


Top 3: DC Characters that deserve their own Animated Movie

Folks, I have some fond memories of watching DC Universe’s Animated Original Movies. That includes the animated shorts. Still, there was a time when animated movies didn’t revolve around Batman, Justice League, and often times Superman. Although among DC characters like Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), The Flash (Barry Allen) and Wonder Woman, whom had their own animated movies. We don’t see that much as of late, but we should.

So here’s my list of the top three DC Characters that deserve their own animated movie.

(Starting from 3 to 1)

3. Aquaman

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Despite the fact Justice League: Throne of Atlantis centered on Aquaman, it’s still a Justice League movie. Since the New 52 started, Aquaman been pretty popular as of late. So they should focus on Geoff Johns and Jeff Parkers runs on Aquaman.

Three stories I recommend they adapt.

  • · The Trench
  • · Malstrom
  • · The Others

2. Green Arrow

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Ever since his first appearance in Justice League Unlimited, Green Arrow instantly became one of my favorite Superheroes. He’s basically the Robin Hood of the DC Universe; (Well when it comes to wearing all green and shooting arrows). Speaking of which it’s good that he has a live-action tv adapted show called Arrow. Hopefully we’ll see him on the big screen. While Green Arrow did get an animate short, it’s still wasn’t enough. I think a full featured length animated movie would due him justice. And the Jeff Lemire’s run would be perfect to adapt. Some his classic stories such as Year One and Quiver would work too. Maybe a Green Arrow/Green Lantern crossover.

But here are three stories I recommend.

  • · Kill Machine
  • · Outsider’s War
  • · Broken

1. Shazam!

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Let me just go on record here and note that I don’t like, and I repeat, DON’T like the Current/New 52 version of Billy Bastion. He reminds me so much of Damian Wayne (Whom I also don’t like) and it just seems out of character to me. There I got that out of my system. With that said. Shazam personally should get the recognition that he deserve. I mean he is the unofficial main flagship heroes of the DC Universe. He should stand right next to the trinity (Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman). He's so got a live action tv show back in the 70’s, very own cartoon show, and went toe to toe with Superman. Which is considered one of my favorite superhero fights of all time. Most of all, he’s getting his own big screen adaptation. and he's not in many stories let alone his own. I think they should focus on the classic Shazam we all know and love.

And here are some stories they would perfectly adapt as animated movie

  • · Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil
  • · Shazam!: Power of Hope
  • · The Power of Shazam!

There you have it. Three characters that deserved their own animated movies.

Comment down below who you think deserve their own animated movie.

Quick Side Note: The reason I did this list is because as of late, I recently notice that they're making too many Batman animated movies. Now don't get me wrong, I love Batman like next person, but what about the others. There are great characters that need their limelight too. It can't always be Batman centered. I don't stress that enough. It's a good thing DC is expanding different characters, but still.


Top 3: Things I want to see in Injustice 2

Since WB Games has previously announced Injustice 2 will be made in the process. I would like to give my two cents in and what I want to see in Injustice 2.

1. Superhero Intro Interaction

The one thing I liked about Mortal Kombat X is that characters interacting with eachother before they fight. And I would like to see an intro dialogue between Batman/Superman, Green Lantern/Flash, Joker/Lex Luthor, etc.

2. Introduce Minor characters

I know a lot of people want to see their favorite character to be playable even part of the story. So why not add Characters like

  • Blue Beetle(Ted Kord/Jaime Reyes)
  • Black Lightning
  • Static Shock
  • Captain Atom
  • Hawk
  • Dove
  • Booster Gold
  • etc.

I know some on this list are not minor characters, but you know what I mean. We all know Robin is gonna be playable character so don't worry about it.

3. Up the ante on the Super Moves

Yeah we know were gonna get brand new super moves in the sequel, but what would make more awesome if they just take it to the next level. I think WB Games should takes notes from this video.

While they're at it, why not add tag team super moves just for the hell of it. Again for example.

There you have it my top 3 things I want in the next Injustice game. And please spread the word about this to anyone especially DC Comics and WB Games.

Also tell me what you want to see in Injustice 2?