Tom Brevoort talks about upcoming Marvel events..



Once again the Executive Editor of Marvel Comics talks with Jef about all things Marvel, from how he's still not able to talk about the Marvel/Disney deal to what we can look forward to in 2010. 

Jef- Hey Tom! Thanks for talking to us again.

TB- S ure, my pleasure.

Jef- So it seems like since the last time we talked things have only gotten crazier over there. With more books on the market then any other publisher, it's easy to get lost in it all, what books does the Marvel reader need to be watching out for right now?

TB-  Is that really true? I would think that DC, with all of its imprints, has more releases per month than we do. Maybe not more releases that people care about, though. It goes without saying that SIEGE will be a big deal, but it'd also be worth paying attention to things like FALL OF THE HULKS and DOOMWAR. And I think ULTIMATE ENEMY is going to surprise some people as well.

Jef- You may have a point there, I wasn't thinking about all the imprints like Wildstorm. But to be sure you guys have more stuff out then the core books published under the " DC" Label. In any case this has been a really huge year for Marvel, not just for your books, but for the brand. What's to come in 2010?

TB-  More of the same, but with a move away from line-wide event storytelling and more into focusing on each book or family of books as a distinct entity. We'll still be doing huge storylines, but they'll be more likely to be contained to a particular publishing family than to expand out crazily over the whole of the publishing line.  

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