Tom Brevoort lets me bug him again


Tom Brevoort, Big gun at Marvel comics decided to let me bug him yet again for this edition of 5 Questions. Read on to find out such importent info on this modern man, such as his favorite comics and his favorite place to eat in NY, (Do NOT use this info to stalk Tom) So read on, enjoy, and remember you can follow Tom on Twitter, or just stick around here, we'll probably bug him again soon.

#1 (NC) What are your top 5 comics right now?

(Tom) Wow, more difficult a question than it seems. These days, much of what
I'm following most avidly isn't released on a monthly basis, but is more
things like Darwyn Cooke's PARKER adaptation, or collections of classic
material such as Fantagraphics' collection of E.C. Segar's POPEYE. It's
also difficult when you take all of the books that are under my purview
out of contention, since I'm an involved participant rather than simply
a reader. Limiting the scope a little bit, I (immodestly) think the five
best Marvel books right his second are DARK AVENGERS, INVINCIBLE IRON
whenever Marcos Martin draws it. And CRIMINAL, which isn't really a
Marvel book. I'm also quite in love with the STRANGE limited series that
Mark Waid and Emma Rios are doing for me.

#2  (NC) If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?

(Tom) I think at this stage in my life, rather than a traditional super hero,
I'd probably opt to be something like Doctor Who. Less ostentatious, if
only just. And I like the romance of being able to go anywhere (and
never leave home).  

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