Bishop From X-Men Cowboy to Future Thug?

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Is it just me or is Bishop no longer fun? Sure he was always a bit trigger happy and  in need of anger management classes. But for awhile there, he was like X-man Cowboy, His gunslinger style was fun and added a new type of hero to the X-Ranks. But now it seems he's become little more then the thug he was when we first got to know him. I suppose it's only natural for him to act like he is now, but it makes me ask the question, who is Bishop really? Which one do you prefer? The Manhunter or the Cowboy? Why do you like Bishop now over then or vise versa. Sound off, gimme your thoughts. 

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Steve Said So!.

"When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world-"No, you move." 

This is my favorite quote from anything ever, do you have a favorite Steve/Bucky moment or quote?

Marvel broke my bank!

With over 12 Limited runs out and dozens of ongoing's plus new ones added to the stack in the last few weeks, is Marvel putting out to many comics? I'm being forced to drop the Mini's and haven't been able to pick up the TPB's from the last few weeks that I want, as my friends all know, I only read Marvel, so buying most everything from them is the norm for me. But now that they're forcing me to drop titles, I have to wonder, how do those who read from other publishers feel about this?

Most everything being put out right now is a fun read, but with so much out there from Marvel right now, when is it too much?

Why do we like Wade if he's just RL's rip off of Slade?

It's well known that RL is accused of ripping off a lot of others work. He was accused of it at Image and he obviously was accused that he did a copy cat with Deadpool. Thing is, many of us like Wade better then his DC counterpart, but even Deadpool's name is a play on Slade Wilson. So why do we like him more? Is it his wit? Is it the 4th wall rule? (or lack of one). Personally, I read Deathstroke stuff before Deadpool, and never really cared for it. But since the very first time I saw Deadpool in his X-Force return, I've loved the character. Really in all honesty, I don't care if Rob ripped him off,  Cable and Deadpool have always entertained, and after all, isn't that why we read comics to start with? 

(I posted the prier to this blog entry as a response to another blog, but I liked it Lol)

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