Matt Fraction talks about Iron Man, Iron Fist and everything else

I had a chance to talk with Matt the other day and we talked a little about pretty much everything. Here some of my interview with him... 


So I had the chance to speak with another wonderful writer over at Marvel Comics recently, the writer of Uncanny X-Men, Invincible Iron Man (my favorite book), as well as Thor, Punisher, Iron Fist and many others, oh, and did I mention this guy also has his own awesome creator owned projects? That’s right, even though he’s in the big leagues wining Eisner awards at Marvel, Matt is still active in the world of Indy comics. You know, this is a great interview, and I’m just going to let it speak for itself, so without further delay, Mr Matt Fraction…

(Jef) Hey Matt, it’s great to be talking with you, thanks for talking with us.

(MF) No worries. Thanks for having me. And sorry for the delay. I had swine flu.

(Jef) Man that’s crazy, I’m glad you’re ok. No worries on the delay man, that’s understandable. So tell me, what’s it like going from writing smaller Indy books to writing huge titles like Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man and Iron Fist?

(MF) Well, you get a pay check, so now writing comics is my full-time job. That’s the craziest part– that it went from a hobby to What I Do. Creatively, though, it’s not a wholly dissimilar prospect. There’re the same basic concerns and problems and all that. Oh, people have HEARD of X-Men and Iron Man and stuff like that so there’s a degree of awareness you’re suddenly hit with… um… man, what do I know. It’s great, that’s how it is. It’s amazing. Especially as I’ve not had to stop writing my smaller indy books in the meantime.

(Jef) That makes sense, and it’s great that you’re still working in the indy world. Now speaking of Iron Fist, that’s on hiatus right now, are we going to see you returning to the title?

(MF) No.

(Jef) Well Ok then haha. There were a lot of people like myself who were never a big fan of the Iron Fist books, but that loved your run on it, why do you think this is? What did you do that made it stand apart from previous Danny Rand books?

(MF) I think because “kung fu billionaire”– which is one possible way to strip down Danny’s character– is kind of perfect comic book material. I can’t speak to what made it stand apart from previous books as I lack that perspective. We all just tried to dig into the core of the character, knock away or disregard politely that which obscured it, and celebrate the awesome stuff.

Also a dude got kicked through a train.

(Jef) Haha well you did a great job. That might have also played a part, but you’re right, that’s what I felt reading the title. Now, we’ve been hearing some rumors about a Iron Fist movie, is there any interest on your part to be involved with that in any way?

(MF) Well, I got to consult on IRON MAN 2. I have absolutely no information about an IRON FIST film, but if there ever WAS an IRON FIST film and it ever got into that stage of things, sure, who WOULDN’T want to go hang out at Marvel Studios for a week and talk about what makes the comics you love awesome?

(Jef) That’s VERY good news for fans, and of course we’ve got to talk Iron Man. You’ve had an amazing run on this title, awards, critic praise, fan praise, I don’t think I’ve ever spoken with someone who hasn’t loved your run on this book. Is this a title you really expected to take of so well?

(MF) I don’t really… I didn’t really have any expectations. On any book, regardless of the scale, I just want to write the kind of book I would want to read and I always expect it to be like pulling teeth to get there. Anything else and you just go crazy, right? So… so, yeah. The success of the book both critically and commercially has been stunning to say the least.  


My Recent Interview With Daniel Way

 Hey guys! I recently did a another exclusive Marvel interview that is at the website I Co-Founded NecessaryCool as well as being featured on Comic Related. Users here on ComicVine were also able to chime in and help me come up with some of the questions! 

The full interview is at 

Here's the link to the 

And here's a small preview of the interview.... 

(NC) Lets start by talking some Deadpool, I’m a huge fan of your run on it so 
far. What’s it been like for you to write someone like Wade? 

(DW) Ha! The way you set up that question makes it sound like I’d better not @#$% up or you’re GONE. What’s it like to write Wade? In a word, “cathartic”. 

(NC) Haha Not at all, I simply mean I really like your take on him. I’ve been a reader for a long time, gotta say your work in my opinion is some of the best. How does writing for Deadpool differ from some of your prier work? 

(DW) With Deadpool, I don’t have to worry about things like “logic” or “plausibility”. So, the biggest difference? It’s easier. And more fun.


Preview For "Did Somebody Call For a Hero?"

Hey Guys! Chad Strohl the writer of this hybrid comic/novel is a great guy, I had the chance to meet him awhile back and then have got to hang out with him a few times since, and he hooked us up over at NecessaryCool with a copy of the book before it comes out at Mid Ohio this year, and then let us share some previews with both you guys and our readers. He also gave us a bit off a summary explaining what the whole idea behind the book is..  

“Hero Montgomery parachutes behind enemy lines to rescue his girlfriend, Penny Prentiss, from the clutches of a terrorist cell, while he reminisces about his childhood where he met the friends, bully, and mysterious man in black that would shape his life and destiny for years to come.”  The book is an homage to 1930’s radio serials, pulp fiction magazines, and 1980’s action movies.”  


  Hope you enjoy! -Jef    

Chad Strohl was cool enough to hook us up with this preview for his new title "Did Somebody Call For A Hero". I'm reading through it right now, and I gotta say it's a really enjoyable read. We'll be posting another preview soon, as well as an exclusive interview with Chad in the weeks to come. But for now have a look at chapter 13! 


Main St Comics & Games & NecessaryCool Celebrate ChampionCityCC!


This Thursday (Sept 17th) Jef Price from NecessaryCool will be at Main St Comics & Games to celebrate the success of the Champion City Comic Con this past Saturday. He’ll be giving out 6 Marvel Premier Hardbacks every hour from 1-6 pm (That’s over $150 worth of books every hour!) and you have to do to win is come hang out with us during that time! So come hang out, check out the awesome stuff at Main St Comics & Games , play some games and read some comics, maybe you’ll win something while you’re there!

Various creators from the new anthology comic Wicked Tales will be present at the event!

One lucky person will win a pair of tickets to Chakers Theatre in Springfield Ohio, and there will be FREE Jack the Rabbit comics and Darrel Buffington Art Prints while supplies last!

So come hang out with us this Thursday from 1-6 pm for your chance to get in on all the action!

All books being given away are courtesy of Ken at Black Hole Comix in Columbus Ohio

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Champion City Comic Con

Hey Thought you CV peeps might think this is pretty awesome, the site I Co-Founded with my good friend Cullen Marriott, sponsored the Champion City Comic Con , where there were some amazing indy writers and artists along with Chad Lambert writer of BloodRayne and Return to Point Pleasant and many others. All in all I was there the whole day along with some of the NC Staff, Brit and Kris who were going around promoting our sponsors on the main floor. We have tons of info, Previews, Photos (One of a Catwoman you Guys won't want to miss!) and TONS more coming up this week at NC .  BIG THANKS to our friend Tom Brevoort who hooked us up with some great signed books for the event, as well as our good friend Andy from Rethink Clothing who hooked the NC staff up with shirts and gear for the event. Hope you guys enjoy and like I said...More on the way!

Well the Champion City Comic Con has come and gone. Saturday Sept 12th was happily able to spend the day with amazing people from indy writers and artists like Chad Strohl to the writer of BloodRayne & Return To Point Pleasant (among others) Chad Lambert. Not to mention we got to hang out with our good friends over at Main Street Comics and Games Scott Riley Bill Gladman (Bill is also a writer over with our friends  Comic Related) and all the other great people that were there yesterday. The event was the first Comic Con to take place in Springfield Ohio in 20 yrs! And from the looks of it it was a great success.

Before we spend time telling you about the event and sharing all the great photos and links that will be coming up over the next week or so, I need to make sure I thank all those who sponsored at this event.

First, Tom Brevoort at Marvel Comics helped hook us up with signed Marvel comics for the Memorial Auction that was held at Champion city. Here I also want to thank Joe Quesada, Steve Wacker & Dan Scott for signing the books as well.

We also gave out over 20 Marvel Premier Hardbacks of The Eternals and Dark Tower throughout the day, all of which were given to us by Ken at  Black Hole Comix  in Columbus Ohio.

And among the many others that helped make this a success for us, Teva Footwear, Rethink Clothing & OtterBox. Thanks guys!

To all these and anyone else who helped out by sponsoring this event, a big thank you for helping to make it a success.

Now for some photo’s from the event!

Mild Mannered Reporters Panel

Some of the awesome Super-Fly Comics & Games crew  


Kris and Brit from Necessary Cool with HQ and Joker! 

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Champion City Comic Con



This Sept 12th the Champion City Comic Con will be going on in Springfield Ohio. This is the first CC to take place here for years, and is sponsoring the event. Which means myself and others from the site will be there all day covering the event live on the site all day!  
Now this is the neat part, a local artist passed away not long ago and the good folks at Main st Comics and Games are doing a benefit auction to help out his family. At NC we wanted to help, so we talked with Tom Brevoort at Marvel and he graciously said he would assist. In the auction now will be copies (all first prints) of Captain America Reborn and Spider Man 600 signed by Tom himself and made out to Champion City Comic Con, these will be the only books like this and will only be  
available  leat the CC this Sept. There's also going to be a few other surprises and some great giveaways from us. Mighty Muggs, Marvel Comics, and Hasbro action figures will be handed out at random through out the day.  
Sooooooo for more info  is the place to go.  
Hope to see you guys there!
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A Sneak Peek at my interview with Chris Claremont

Hey Guys, I had the wonderful chance to talk with chris claremont from X-Men forever, I thought I'd give my friends here at Comic Vine a brief peak at it. 

Enjoy! And look for the complete interview coming up in the next few days at

(NC) Now how do you feel about  the X-Men Forever book? Is this something you think will live up to the now legendary work you've done in the past? 

(CC) I think actually, it'll rise far beyond what came before. Call it call those years of practice.

(NC) Can you give us a glimpse at what you have in store for readers of Forever?

(CC) Well -- as I said before, the third arc will be focused on Colossus.  The fourth will be focused on Rogue. The reason I'm not going any more into specifics is that I don't want to spoil what's coming  -- although I wouldn't be surprised to see the return of the all-new, all different Hellfire Club somewhere along the way.

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Dan Way & Necessary Cool & You

So here's the deal, I've got an interview with Dan Way writer of Deadpool coming up, and it should have already gone out. However do to tech issue beyond my control it was lost somehow, so this leaves me getting the new interview together. Which led me to a new thought..... Why keep all the fun to myself? I'm sure you guys have something you would like too ask him, so what I would like is some questions from you to Mr Way, please keep them Deadpool Related and I'll go through them and work some of them into my interview. Also if this goes well I'll do it again for later interviews.

So sound off guys, if you were speaking with the pen man behind the Merc with the Mouth, what would you ask him?


Mutant X

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I'm a big fan of the Mutant X run, I'd love to see them do something new with it. What do you think? With all the First Class stories and all the throw backs going on right now, it seems that this is one title often overlooked. What kind of thing could they do with it? What would you like to see happen with Mutant X? Should they bring it back or should let it go.... As an added topic, who was your favorite in the MX Books?

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The Many Styles of Havok/Alex Summers

Havok has always been my favorite Summers Bros. And one thing I've noticed he has changed looks many times, it seems almost more so then those around him.. So this begs the question, what's your favorite suit? Besides the current one, I also like the one from Mutant X quite a bit. Sound off, what do you think?

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I'm sure there's more (there are) but these are some I pulled up from online. Like I said MX and The Current one are my favorites, how about you?

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