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writers and artist I would want to work with before I die !

writers and artist I wish that one day I would get the chance to work with on almost any one comic title or web comic title or even a graphic novel just once before i DIE !
but you may say only in my dreams you silly web cartoonist dream teams on a projects are only for seasoned vets and up and coming newbies who are already doing comics for the big two . 
well this is my list of people who I would die to work with on any comic project they may have in mind . ( this counts for ongoing titles -uncanny x-men , batman , detective comics , action comics ,amazing spider-man etc. ) or one -shots or graphic novels ( Dark Knight Returns , Wanted , Kick-Ass , Hell boy  etc) or mini -series or web comics  ( freak angels or my current new title the Valkyrie quartet ) or something of their own creations ! my delusion of grandeur if you will . now don't let me spoil that for you now please look and see for your self the awesomeness of  the writers and artist who I would kill to work with ....and the players are ....

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  • pure genius ( made comics fun again )

    he could and can possibly write every comic-book/manga today .

    and maybe a few web comics too

  • one of my top favorite writers just because he makes comics exciting and full of life despite the things that follow after-words in his comics but over all a great writer and daring idealist .

  • just simply daring as in terms of writing and art . give noir a good name .simply cool

  • love hell boy/ savage dragon team up and his hellraiser work , his writing is also one of my favorite highlights to his person altogether . great writer fantastic artist love the minimalist light dark approach to all of his work one of my many inspirations to day .

  • always something new ( the savage dragon first and far most ) AND his spider-man work from the early 90s is to me simply the stuff of legend .( well to me anyways )

  • cynical but I can live with that and gave us the gift that keeps on giving the authority , also his freak angels work is continues to become one of my favorite web comics to date . great read .

  • one of my artistic heroes ( I strive to be up to his level ) but for now I will be still be amazed by his work as an admirer (still my hero )

    oh and his uncanny x-men run and regular x-men run are just a wonder to behold ( have all four x-men variants gate fold cover special edition of # 1 .

    still love your work bro.

  • another one of my artistic heroes ( another I strive to be just as good if not on pair as in terms of style very flashy style at least ) other than that my hero pure and simple . oh and he gave spider-man really big eyes and made him very wiry now that's the spider-man I grew up with ( comic wise ) have spider-man #1 from his first run on his own title . one of my top 20 of comics I love . wish I could work with him one time before I die .

  • the innovator of re inventing and creating something new that will last forever even after we are pass away from this earth .

    also his work is introspective and smart witty .

  • his style alone makes a generic looking superhero look something mythic and breath taking plus he created Betsy Braddock and drew part of batman:year two . and co created Excalibur , also helped Alan Moore make marvel man cool back in the early 80s before I was born . a fine art master well at least in my mind .

  • now his style is one of the most interesting to me just because he just creates something new as he goes along ( in a way he never draws the same way twice ) and that's a good thing he gave kick-ass its signature look to set it apart from his contemparies out to day , his style is something special . that's all I have for now but I really really like it a lot !

  • loved his run on the uncanny x-men during its early stages with the new team from giant sized x-men #1 . other than that love his style just because the way he uses curve lines in his work and the way he draws women a thing of beauty well to me any way he has a great unique style

  • his art alone is something I just look at and say ( I wish I could draw a little bit like that ) so detailed so rich with unusual line work . think your favorite manga artist Todd McFarland at form back in the early 90s . his work is just beautiful to behold . that's all I got to say for now.

  • his art style alone is razor sharp and fine

    ( another I admire from afar artistically )

    one of my other heroes in comics

    and gave us the gift of witchblade and cyberforce .

  • my favorite artist with a quaky style that makes you look twice and leaves you wanting for more .

    examples (New X-MEN, The Authority , We3 , batman & robin)

    fine art in my book .

  • like his style a lot just for these simple reasons ( Tank Girl and the gorillas)

    also doom patrol .

    and that his style just jumps at you and bitch slaps you in the face and says...

    London calling .

  • fantastic artist in twisted view of pop art ( Love his current style )but enjoyed his early work even more he drew death.

    give my left hand to work with him once ( just kidding about the hand thing )

  • one of the best fine artist That not only enhanced frank millers scripts / concepts with both batman and daredevil to true noir levels well in my humble opinion but I admire his work .

  • reminds me of mazzucchelli but with a twist .

    cant look away .

    a style I am starting to love a little more after seeing it in daredevil and iron fist . wish he could do some more work on daredevil ( also somthing with mark miller like kick ass 3 or something .

    other all simply fantastic .

  • His work alone makes the readers have nose bleeds

    but love the way his style switches between 90s cartoon art and 80s movie gore

    nice balance great use of both as a core style .

  • sometimes I wish I could draw and ink like that !

    that's what I tell myself sometimes but truth is ..I cant

    but I have enjoyed his new mutants run ( read the trade ) and his work with frank miller was a wonder to behold . and many many other comics I have readed over the years just looking at his art alone tells me all I need to know about a story ( but that's besides the point ) his work is top shelf, book shelf that is.

  • his style reminded me of frank millers but was just a little bit more darker almost futuristic in nature . over all enjoyable in my humble opinion .

    loved the fall from grace arc in daredevil vol 1 one of the first daredevil comics I ever read back in high school . another person I wish I could draw just as good as a bench mark if you will .( for drawing comics )

  • an original talent in his own right

    his art speaks volumes even without lettering .

    very gentle very quiet , not so much with the Kirby like word breaking fourth word but much more like real world earthy this could happen feel .

    one of my other favorite artist as well .

  • his artwork reminds me of a Crystal Castles song called pap smear .( no offense to anyone reading and likes the band ) but his line work is very clean and very straight foreword as in terms of storytelling .

    great story teller in my view (crystal clear )

    and love freak-angels .

  • thank you for creating dead pool and your many other fantastic creations from that bye gone era that was called the 90s

    you rock !

  • without this guy there would be no V for Vendetta .

    I will call his style British noir .

    my new favorite style .

  • a simple style but very dynamic in any story with any character at anytime .

    plus loved his harbinger work a lot .

  • the most dynamic artist I only know that can put the WIDE in wide screen .

    damn I wish he did web comics (say freak angels for one good run) but you cant pick your comic book projects can you eh . but love his wild storm work ( the authority and his marvel ultimate work ,the ultimate's . ) over all fantastic artist and great storyteller .

  • One word ;WANTED

    DYNAMIC STYLE AND use of well known celebrities.

    a true modern marvel.

  • my favorite painter

    loved his hellraiser work by far .great stuff . continues to amaze me .

    damn wish I could paint like that ! (well with practice )

  • my 2nd favorite painter

    enjoying his cover work and pin-ups

    great stuff makes a comic more than just a collectors item but into an iconic piece of coffee table painting galore .

    another person I wish I could paint as .( with lots of practice)

  • Simply Dynamic as in terms of style and execution ladies and gentle men .

  • To a man who made youthful destruction a beautiful thing :AKRIA

    one of my favorite mangas next to ghost in the shell and hellsing .

  • another great artist who uses mood to his advantages (but his early 90s work was very gritty and heavily stylized ) but it satisfied my Gothic fancy but I only wished he did more creator own work but that's my view but really I really enjoy his art and style (even his newer style is more solid one of late ) other than that I believe anyone other than myself should or would enjoy his art ..ah the 90s such a great time for artist .

  • when ever the world looks like its getting a darker I look at some of Barry Windsor smith`s artwork and things such as drawing complex lithographs become easy . or more a less a challenge . also his style is another major influence on my creative process to this day . also he drew Conan the barbarian unlike any has ever before . his body of work speaks for itself .

  • his body of work is the best written work I have ever read in a long time .

    first Clive barker related work I have ever seen was the movie hellraiser ,but in my opinion the novella the hellbound heart . then I had read his books of blood anthology and then his graphic novel collections of the hellraiser series . everything he writes is great ( well at lease in my mind ) I would draw for him in a heart beat . if given the chance to at lease for one graphic novel or one shot comic . my favorite writer .

  • his style of painting is one of true perverse beauty . love his doom patrol covers and lobo work . its a style I would like to try to pain like for at lease one time . I want to work with this guy at lease once . well time will only tell eh .