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Worst Arcs

A list of arcs, series, and titles that, in my opinion, were horrible.

List items

  • Back in Black was good (even if it was just to get everyone hyped for Spider-Man 3). Then we get this, which makes everyone forget BiB. One More Day retcons much of Spider-Man's history. He was actually cool for a little while - someone more than a joking kid. He was good. And then it all comes crashing down... well, I don't want to turn this into a rant, so I'll leave it at that.

  • See One More Day. Same rant, different packaging.

  • On its own, perhaps it isn't that bad. But it pales compared to its predecessor, Annihilation. It used the Annihilation name, hoping that the hype alone would make this mediocre event equal to Annihilation. It failed miserably.

  • On its own, this series is not good at all. Compared to Civil War: Front Line and World War Hulk: Front Line, it's downright horrible.

  • A mockery of all things Star Wars. The new Clone Wars saga, including this boring title, should never have seen the light of day.

  • This event had so much potential. SI: Inhumans, Rise and Fall of the Shi'Ar, Emperor Vulcan.... and then we get this. A series that just wasn't that good. The part everyone (or at least myself) awaited was when Black Bolt would finally scream. That happened, alright. But it just wasn't what we (I) hoped it would be.

  • It's not just that the first NYX was good (which it was). It's that this was simply HORRIBLE. The art was bad, the characters' personalities and even their powers aren't written well, and it leaves with an odd cliffhanger.

  • Good title for awhile. But somewhere around #70 it just went down hill. Art got bad, stories got bad, and characters became irritating.

  • First Dark Empire was ok. Dark Empire II was boring. The art in both was not good and made things confusing. Leia looked like a man most of the time.