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Top 15 Favorite Anime Characters

This is a list of my favorite anime characters. Some of them shouldn't come as much of a surprise. I may edit this if I decide to add some names.

WARNING: While there might not be any outright spoilers, I may slip in a reference or two.

List items

  • Shocker, right? Strategic, manipulative, and ambitious. Definitely my favorite character from my favorite anime.

  • Smart, confident, and a great swordsman. She can keep Alucard on a leash and stare Anderson in the eye without fear. Sir Integra is awesome.

  • I don't watch FMA for Ed; I watch it because the Flame Alchemist is badass.

  • Mysterious, wise, and... oddly layback. C.C. is just a very cool figure.

  • ... and so is Wrath. Perhaps, again, I'm bias due to his abilities as a swordsman, but he's awesome. He's the only homunculus without any special powers aside from the Ultimate Eye, but he's a threat to the best alchemists.

  • Traitor? Perhaps. But he's not a traitor to Integra, which I respect. He remained loyal to her, but sided with Millennium for one reason: he felt that Alucard's time had come.

  • Suzaku is a conflicted "traitor" to his own people. In sharp contrast to Lelouch, Suzaku believes that he can work from the inside out, and doesn't believe that innocent people should die for it. While sometimes hypocritical, Suzaku does have good intentions. In many ways, he is more like Lelouch than either would like to admit.

  • Seras' character development throughout Hellsing was quite well done.

  • Anderson will stop at nothing to kill Alucard. While his methods are dark, his goals are relatively noble. In the end, he doesn't think that innocent humans should die, even going against Maxwell to stop him.

  • Light is ambitious and strategic, but at times over confident and reckless.

  • L is strategic and arguably as smart as Light.

  • Loyal, confident, and a master marksman, Hawkeye is just awesome. In a world filled with people who utilize Alchemy and other mystic abilities, Riza - powerless - will stand up to them with just her guns.

  • Alucard is just crazy. But, oddly, he's rather sympathetic. He wants to die, but just can't accomplish it, and won't let anybody kill him if he doesn't feel like they're worthy. In some ways, he's even afraid to die, yet it's the thing he wants.

  • I don't know why. I never liked Gottwald in the first season of Code Geass, but Gottwald did grow on me. When he became a cyborg who was loyal to Lelouch, his badassness came to light.

  • If you haven't noticed, I like wise, mysterious characters. Well, Hohenheim certainly fits that description.