MCU - First Era Ranked.

This list will comprise of the first era of MCU movies, ending when Phase 3 ends. I felt it only right to make it its own era, and make this list distinct from the next. I will probably reupload this list.

List items

  • Everything I could want in a comic book movie. Great pacing, great story, great action, great characterization... just great. This is one of the few comic book movies that manage to feel like a comic book in every positive way.

  • This is the best Avengers movie, and it gives me hope for Infinity War. It has the great plot and great characterization that the Avengers movies lack. A bit cluttered, yes, but it still managed to have some great scenes with some great dialogue between the "minor" characters.

  • The one that started it all, and it's still a solid movie. There's very little negativity I can give this movie.

  • This movie gets a lot more negativity than it deserves. I still really like this movie, and I do prefer Norton to Ruffalo. I like the plot, I like the villains, and I kinda like the musical score for some reason.

  • I had to think about this one. As cheesy as it can be at times, I think it works really well for the movie. It has its heart-felt moments and its cliche comic book movies - and those moments do well to pay homage to the Golden Age.

  • While it suffers from a bad villain, it is overall a very good movie. It also sets up Baron Mordo, who I think has potential to be a great villain.

  • I may appear to only like serious stuff, but sometimes, you need some genuine fun - and that's this. While the villain was poorly handled, this was still a good team movie.

  • I enjoyed this movie, but it still feels hallow to me. I wish there was a little less Sci-Fi and a little more fantasy, but eh. It's still okay, and Loki was a genuinely sympathetic character (and this is the only movie in which Loki is a good character).

  • ... eh? What can I say: it did something incredible by combining this characters... and that's... it. It's not a particularly good movie once you get past that.

  • Pretty good movie. I want to rank it higher, but I like the above movies more. But this does have one of the best MCU villains.

  • Scott Lang was the first part. Hope, Ghost, Hank, and Goliath were great.

  • This isn't a bad movie. It just... didn't do much for me. I don't know why. It's okay, but not great beyond the visuals.

  • Had a lot of bad, and... one or two decent scenes. But overall, the bad certainly outweighed the good.

  • Jokes. Jokes. Jokes. This movie is the joke. The redeeming factor, for me, was the villain, Yondu, and Nebula's growth.

  • All of the negative aspects of the first Avengers without the "Wow" factor. Bad villain, poor characterization... just a waste.

  • Really, you saw it coming. This is, by far, the worst of the series. It doesn't need to exist. It introduces the most boring Black Widow in the series; thankfully, she only got better from here.

  • Hey, remember what I said about wanting less Sci-Fi? Nobody was listening. Laser guns, black hole grenades... eh. Just not a very good movie - and it has possibly the worst villain in the MCU.


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Posted By nerdchore

I more or less agree. Though I liked thor 2 and antman more than you. Def hated ironn man 3 and 2 though. Good list. :)

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For me (AND my kids) Civil war takes the Number 1 spot.

My number 2 (and only by the skin off my teeth) is Guardians of the Galaxy. LOVED the comedy the best attempt of it in ANY Marvel Film " Nothing goes over my head, my reflexes are ........."

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LoL, Thor above Avengers? Any particular reason?

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For the most part I agree with this. Cool list

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more or less agree with this. Although I can't say i like TFA all that much. I definitely like Ant man more then TFA, also wasn't that huge a fan of avengers 1 either surprisingly. Glad to see you gave the incredible hulk some love though. I personally like edward norton as bruce, but ruffalo does a solid job too.

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I agree. Good list

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Thor had a story. Avengers relied on its uniqueness.

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couldn't have put it better. Well said.

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I honestly thought Ant Man was going to be one. Have yet to see Civil War but the rest of the list seems fine

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No Deadpool sire?

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No Deadpool sire?

It's not part of the MCU, unless he wants to do a Fox-verse ranking as well.

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This is a very good list.